A-Channel Announces New OVA

What You Need to Know:

  • Early this morning, the offical twitter account for A-Channel tweeted out that the series will be getting an OVA.
  • The OVA is going to be paired with the Blu-ray Box going on sale Septemeber 27th this year. The box will contain all 12 episodes of the series, plus the two epsiode OVA 「+smile」and the new OVA currently titled "Let's have hot pot" for combined total of 15 episodes.
  • So then fans! Who is excited for this newest develpment meaning that Tooru, Run, Nagi, and Yuuko are back!

bee-love A-Channel Announces New OVA
I LOVED my cute little waifus back in 2011 and I still do now!
bee-love A-Channel Announces New OVA
Yay!!! This is fantastic news!!!

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