A Deadly School Reunion in Danganronpa Decadence!

danganronpa_decadence_splash A Deadly School Reunion in Danganronpa  Decadence!

Way back when the PSP still existed—though it will forever be in our hearts—a small title by developer Spike Chunsoft was released: Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc. This adventure/point-and-click mystery game threw a bunch of special students into a deadly game where only one person would be freed if they committed murder. Players had to don their detective hats, assume the role of happy-go-lucky Makoto Naegi and save the students before they all were eliminated. Thanks to an immersive story that felt like a playable anime/manga, Danganronpa wouldn’t be the only game to release but would end up having several titles launch, an anime series, a manga, and plenty of merch to make otaku worldwide go broke.

Well, folks, we here at Honey’s Anime are back with the original three Danganronpa games—Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultimate Despair Girls didn’t make this cut—in a nice new bundle called Danganronpa Decadence! Is re-entering the halls of Hope’s Peak Academy the move you want to make, or are you skipping on this Ultimate class reunion? Let’s find out now!

The Killing Game Begins Again, Now on a New Console!

danganronpa_decadence_splash A Deadly School Reunion in Danganronpa  Decadence!

Stepping back into the first Danganronpa title, we immediately had a feeling of nostalgia hit our bee hearts here at Honey’s Anime. Despite Trigger Happy Havoc is now 11-years old, the first game has held up exceptionally well. Danganronpa Decadence being on the Nintendo Switch has allowed the first game—as well as the two sequels—to gain a new level of beauty as the visuals have been slightly polished up...but this is by no means a remake or remaster. Cutscenes still have a fuzzy look, and the only game to look truly modern is Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Still, we don’t think plenty of fans—or newcomers—will say any of the Danganronpa games look old. They still have beautiful art and solid gameplay that remains true even after all these years!

Find the Murderer or Die

danganronpa_decadence_splash A Deadly School Reunion in Danganronpa  Decadence!

Assuming anyone hasn’t played any of the four games in Danganronpa Decadence—more on the fourth game later—here’s the main gist of the first three. Players control one of the characters and must solve various murders committed by one of the main class members. Danganronpa 1-3 follow a similar theme of being split into two parts almost like the Phoenix Wright series. There’s an adventure mode where you’ll examine crime scenes or talk with friends/class members. After you do gain all the evidence you need, you’ll enter phase two, where Danganronpa Decadence shines brightest—the class court trials!

In the class trials, players will need to pay attention to the various statements and alibis given to deduce who is lying and who is telling the truth. These class trials have players shooting—yes, like a gun—statements that they feel are accurate or complete lies. All three games change up this formula slightly by adding various mini-games—which are quite strange, like hangman and literal car racing sequences—but that’s why Danganronpa is a franchise like no other. It's original and, as you play each game, you can see where the developers tried to change things and enhance what worked and what didn’t.

4 Games, One Package!?

Easily, the best element of Danganronpa Decadence is that you’re getting three meaty titles and a fourth one that takes a side game from one of the titles and fleshes it out a bit. While we love our PSP and PS Vita, playing any of the three main games on the Nintendo Switch while docked or portable is truly a great experience. Plus, those who buy the physical cartridge of Danganronpa Decadence will be pleased to know all 4 games are on the single cartridge!

What's New in Danganronpa Decadence?

danganronpa_decadence_splash A Deadly School Reunion in Danganronpa  Decadence!

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp is a developed version of the Danganronpa V3 minigame: Ultimate Killing Harmony, known as "Ultimate Talent Development Plan."

This game does not have a direct protagonist but does place a slight emphasis on Makoto Naegi (Trigger Happy Havok) and his sister Komaru (Ultra Despair Girls), introducing an extremely basic story that unites all of Danganronpa's characters regardless of whether they had died in any of these editions. So yes, it's basically a short fanservicing game based on Trigger Happy Havok, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, and Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls.

In Development Mode, you pick one of the many characters in the saga and use it to traverse a game board for 50 days (50 turns), with the number of squares you can advance dictated by the value of a die. The goal is to reach a boss, defeat him in turn-based combat, obtain the scroll from that island and move to the next one by defeating the mini-bosses blocking the way. All this is greatly facilitated by various cards that you can obtain from other characters or by random events, allowing you to revive, deal more damage in the next fight, or even teleport to your objective.

Final Thoughts

Danganronpa Decadence doesn’t revamp the previous three games, and the fourth game is more of a side experience based on fanservice, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love these titles. At its core, Danganronpa is still one of the best adventure franchises we’ve ever played, and there’s a reason it became such a big entity! Those who missed out on any of the three games—or just want to replay them after so long—will find Danganronpa Decadence the best way to play them all in one convenient package! Great news for Nintendo Switch owners!

danganronpa_decadence_splash A Deadly School Reunion in Danganronpa  Decadence!


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