A Hat in Time - PlayStation 4 Review

A solid fit

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PS4, macOS, PC, Xbox One
  • Publisher: Humble Bundle
  • Developer: Gears for Breakfast
  • Release Date: Dec 5, 2017
  • Price:$29.99
  • Rating: E 10+ for Everyone 10+
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Players: 1 (Co-op is scheduled for post-release)
  • Official Website: http://hatintime.com/

Who it Caters to

AH-1-A-Hat-in-Time-capture-560x315 A Hat in Time - PlayStation 4 Review
Developed by Gears for Breakfast and published by the well known Humble Bundle, A Hat in Time sets its sights at providing gamers a fun and action-packed adventure tale. Travel through multiple landscapes where you will fight baddies, collect items and explore to help a little magician return home. With gorgeous art and a gameplay style reminiscent of games like Sly Cooper and Super Mario 64, A Hat in Time delivers classic action/adventure gameplay but with a modern day feel. Grab your hat of choice players. You’re about to go on an adventure like never before in A Hat in Time.

What to Expect

AH-1-A-Hat-in-Time-capture-560x315 A Hat in Time - PlayStation 4 Review
A Hat in Time is a third person action adventure title that incorporates a cute art style with fun gameplay. Playing as Hat Kid, you will find yourself on quite an adventure as you help her gather fuel lost from her ship. Similar to other adventure games, A Hat in Time has numerous collectibles to gain which in turn give Hat Kid new powers and abilities. You will need these abilities to help you fight off dangerous baddies and find secret areas only accessible with the proper hat. In the style of popular games like Mario and Sly Cooper, A Hat in Time plays out accordingly with numerous platforming to be done and several bosses to take down after completing various missions.


AH-1-A-Hat-in-Time-capture-560x315 A Hat in Time - PlayStation 4 Review
A Hat in time tells the story of a young girl who seems to love wearing hats and thus has been nicknamed Hat Kid. On a journey back home via her spaceship, Hat Kid ends up finding herself in quite a pickle when a so-called mafia henchman attacks her ship. During the attack, all 40 of Hat Kid’s precious Time Pieces—which act as the rocket ship’s source of fuel—fall out towards a nearby planet. Hat Kid now has to land on this unknown world to scour the lands and find her only means of keeping the ship afloat. However, the Time Pieces have already begun to fall into various hands and that will make this adventure all the harder for our hat wearing hero. It’s time to go on a very unique and peculiar quest in A Hat in Time.


AH-1-A-Hat-in-Time-capture-560x315 A Hat in Time - PlayStation 4 Review
Action/adventure games are probably one of the world’s most beloved genres of gaming outside first-person shooters. These games hit that nostalgic feeling with most of us gamers that grew up during the Nintendo 64 and PS1 and PS2 generation of gaming consoles. Remember games like the Sly Cooper series or the extremely well-known Super Mario 64? Well then, if you do, you might want to pay attention as we talk about A Hat in Time from developers Gears for Breakfast. Get ready, folks; We’re about to explain why this game was so enjoyable for us to play here at Honey’s Anime in our review of A Hat in Time.

A Hat in Time is going to hook you immediately thanks to the wonderful music and cute visuals. The old school designs will appeal to those who loved games like Super Mario 64, Sly Cooper and even Banjo Kaz-Kazooie which makes sense seeing as how a few of those games were apparently inspirations for Gears for Breakfast. However, visuals aren’t the most important thing about any game—even though some believe this to be the case—as gameplay needs to work equally as well. Thankfully, A Hat in Time does indeed provide some awesome gameplay. Let us first begin by discussing the gameplay of A Hat in Time.

The main objective in A Hat in Time is simple enough. Collect hourglasses known as Time Pieces—which were lost in the beginning of the game—by exploring several worlds that they dropped into. You accomplish this goal by beating various levels and defeating bosses which appear after a number of levels within a world are beat. It’s a gameplay style many gamers—including us here at Honey’s Anime—know all too well but A Hat in Time alters it by doing some things very differently with its methods. How you may ask? Well, the answer here is simple: with the hats and how they are used.

You see in A Hat in Time, players collect yarn—seriously—and then from there, gain the ability to make new hats. These hats in turn give players abilities like running faster, creating potions to throw and even alter time. The hats you find will allow you to explore numerous areas and provide ways of defeating enemies outside using your only weapon which happens to be an umbrella. Not all of the hats are necessary for beating all the missions and levels, but they do provide a means of helping to find other items and can even be customized by using a machine in Hat Kid’s spaceship. Though this gameplay style isn’t the only thing we love about A Hat in Time, we also love the actual levels themselves.

A Hat in Time offers us a slew of strange levels to conquer while you play. One minute, you will be in a stage that feels like a city and then the next you, will be on a train exploring a crime scene. Each world in A Hat in Time feels different and won’t be just you beating the enemies or running around like in most other games. A Hat in Time will have you doing numerous different gameplay styles and that is what keeps it fresh and exciting all the way through. Even the bosses mirror this with you having to defeat them in some very fun ways at times.

Now that you know A Hat in Time is fun to play, you’re probably also wondering is there any problems we here at Honey’s Anime came across. Well, to be honest, A Hat in Time does suffer from just a few issues. The first is that it’s really an easy game that can be too forgiving at times. Death doesn’t mean restarting an area or having to redo too much and usually just acts as a detriment by bringing you back to an unseen checkpoint a moment away from where you died. The same applies to bosses which can be tough at first but usually only take a few tries to realize how to take them down. Our only other issue with A Hat in Time is the sometimes-floaty controls. There were many times where we would fall or miss an area because the controls feel just a bit too old-school and that can be annoying but never so much that we consider it bad. More so, it might just take a bit of time to get use to the controls when you need to make accurate jumps here and there. Though at the end of the day, folks, none of these issues really are grandiose problems for A Hat in Time and that is truly a great thing indeed.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

AH-1-A-Hat-in-Time-capture-560x315 A Hat in Time - PlayStation 4 Review
Quite frankly, to say A Hat in Time is adorable is an understatement. We loved the cutesy adventure we got to go on with Hat Kid and seeing the various worlds within A Hat in Time. Sure the controls can be a bit floaty and the game is extremely easy but given that this is a game geared for younger audiences, that’s to be expected. However, we here at Honey’s Anime grew up with games like Sly Cooper and Super Mario 64 so A Hat in Time felt akin to a nostalgic trip but in a modern gaming age. We wholeheartedly recommend picking up A Hat in Time if you love classic platforming/action/adventure titles like the ones mentioned and if you equally love cute things. Seriously, one look at A Hat in Time will make your heart melt and once you begin to play it the cute art, fun gameplay and overall classic feel will be something you’ll find hard putting down.

Honey's Pros:

  • Cute and vibrant art
  • Wonderful OST/Voice Acting
  • Simple controls feel reminiscent of Sly Cooper and Super Mario 64
  • Fun story that will make you laugh regardless of your age
  • Bosses are unique and old school feeling in a good way

Honey's Cons:

  • Might be a bit too easy for some players
  • Controls can be a bit floaty at times, especially during some platforming.

Honey's Final Verdict:

AH-1-A-Hat-in-Time-capture-560x315 A Hat in Time - PlayStation 4 Review
A Hat in Time was easily one of the better action/adventure titles we’ve played this year and can understand why the praise has been so high from those who got to play it first on the PC back in October. With a charming aesthetic and lovely gameplay that reminds of the older gameplay age, A Hat in Time is cute to its core and tons of fun. With several environments to explore, things to collect, bosses to fight and various other goodies to be found, we know plenty of gamers will pick up A Hat in Time and play way past the story just to find everything and 100% the game. Have you played the PC version of A Hat in Time and are ecstatic to replay it for the PS4 or are you just looking forward to grabbing A Hat in Time for your first run? Comment down below to let us hear from you! For all your gaming reviews and news needs, be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

AH-1-A-Hat-in-Time-capture-560x315 A Hat in Time - PlayStation 4 Review


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