Kimi no Na wa Meets Sci-fi in A.I.C.O. -Incarnation- Netflix Anime Moved Up to March 9! New PV, Visuals, Staff, Characters and More Now Out!

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A.I.C.O. -Incarnation-

Sci-fi, Action

Airing Date:
March 9 2018


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The year is 2035. The place is Japan in the near future. Due to a large accident known as “Burst” that occurred with an artificial organism that was under research, the artificial organism known simply as “matter” ran wild covering the entire Kurabe Gorge in Toyama Prefecture. Praises were sung about this research city that was considered to be “the land of hope” for humanity, and now, the government has sealed off all access.

Two years later.

Aico Tachibana is a 15-year-old girl who lost her family in Burst, who has been told an unbelievable truth by a new transfer student named Yuuya Kanzaki. It was that there is a secret hidden within her own body that even she did not know about! The key to unlocking it is located in the center of the Burst area known as “Primary Point”. What new truth will be unlocked when this girl and boy, burdened with the future of humanity, meet?

Characters & Voice Actors List

Aico Tachibana

Voice Actor: Haruka Shiraishi

Aico is the main character of this series and is a bright and friendly girl. She lost her family in Burst, and while continuing go to rehabilitation, she attends school in a wheelchair. She meets transfer student Yuuya Kanzaki and hears a shocking truth about both herself and her family. Even though she is bewildered about this new revelation, she decides to go with Yuuya, but…

Yuuya Kanzaki

Voice Actor: Yuusuke Kobayashi

Yuuya is the other main character of this series and is the transfer student who arrives at Aico’s school. A very clean line is drawn between him and his peers due to his speech and actions being very mature. He tells Aico the truth, and along with the other Divers, they head towards the ‘Primary Point’ together. He is dedicated towards a resolution of the Burst, but he is wrapped in mystery. Because of this, he ends up having a rather large influence on his team.

Daisuke Shinoyama

Voice Actor: Ryouta Takeuchi

Daisuke is the leader of the Divers and is Maho’s buddy. He has a rugged exterior at first glance and seems as if he would be difficult to get along with, but in reality, he is very gentle. Daisuke has a very strong sense of responsibility and regularly thinks of the other members before handing out a decision. This time, he took a job from Susumu Kurose and has gathered the team of divers. In the world of divers, Daisuke is known as a go-getter and has a bountiful amount of battle experience which allows him to support Aico and Yuuya.

Maho Shiraishi

Voice Actor: Ai Kayano

Maho is a member of the Divers and is the buddy to Daisuke. She has a serene, constant smile and a gentle, warm personality. She supports Daisuke and the others by primarily driving and maintaining the vehicles, as well as preparing food and other friendly and considerable actions. She helps out the bewildered Aico and supports her mentally.

Yoshihiko Sagami

Voice Actor: Makoto Furukawa

Yoshihiko is a member of the Divers and is Kazuki’s buddy. He was enrolled as a special forces soldier in the past and this has led him to be excellent at actual fighting. Yoshihiko is the type to cooly judge a situation before taking accurate action. He’s strict with Kazuki, but he is like an older brother looking after him. From heavy assault weapons to knives, he has mastered the use of every weapon.

Kazuki Minase

Voice Actor: Taishi Murata

Kazuki is a Diver and Yoshihiko’s buddy. He doesn’t have much experience as a Diver, but he is naturally gutsy and is nipping at the bit for a chance. However, he can sometimes overdo it and lose sight of everything around him. He is especially proficient at electrical engineering and channels this into weapons supporting Yoshihiko.

Haruka Seri

Voice Actor: Kaori Nazuka

Haruka is a Diver and is Kaede’s buddy. She is cool and a genius. Before the Burst, she was a researcher of artificially made organisms. Haruka excels at using scientific devices, and in perfect symmetry with her buddy Kaede, who acts on intuition, Haruka loves to fight efficiently utilizing the knowledge from her previous work. She harbors strong interest in the Malignant Matter.

Kaede Misawa

Voice Actor: M.A.O.

Kaede is a Diver and Haruka’s buddy. Kaede has unique reflectives and an animalistic intuition. She excels at getting near her attackers and launching preemptive attacks. She speaks frankly and does not mince words, and she is straightforward in a good way. She does however have a coarse personality and tends to be a but rude and outspoken. She has a secret adoration for Yoshihiko

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: A.I.C.O. by TRUE
  • Ending Song: Michi no Kanata by Haruka Shiraishi

Main Staff
  • Director: Kazuya Tamura
  • Series Composition: Yuuichi Nomura
  • Character Design: Satoshi Ishino
  • Animation Director: Satoshi Ishino
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Original Illustrator: Hanaharu Naruko
  • Music: Tarou Iwashiro

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