A Naughty Prisoner and a Strict Prison Guard Fall in Love in Haga-Kun wa Kamaretai

It didn’t take long for omegaverse to become a popular genre among BL lovers, and the same happened here at Honey’s Anime. With each passing month, new titles are added to the ever-growing collection of manga that falls in this category, and although it’s true that the stories can become quite repetitive, we still manage to find some true gems among mainstream storytelling. Haga-kun Wa Kamaretai is one of those omegaverse manga that will surprise readers with a fresh concept and drop-dead gorgeous art, and here you can learn why.

A Revengeful Omega

Daisuke Haga is usually a very calm person, but his temper flares every time he comes across an alpha, especially if that alpha thinks they can get away with touching him. When an alpha tries to rape him, Daisuke doesn’t think it twice and knocks all of the man’s teeth off, adding those to his growing collection of alpha teeth. Unfortunately for him, Daisuke doesn’t get away with his crime this time and is sent to prison for two years.

His days inside the omega ward are boring and uneventful; every day is just the same as the previous one. If only something interesting happened! Just when Daisuke is thinking about starting a riot, two new alpha prison officers start working there, giving Daisuke a reason to stay. The first thing that Daisuke notices about the female officer is that her teeth are kinda okay, but she has golden fangs. The male officer doesn’t look bad, but the mask he’s wearing covers most of his teeth. Daisuke knows what he’s going to do with his free time now: he’ll try his best to take a peek at Arashi Namikawa’s teeth!

Fetish or True Love?

The first time Daisuke discovers he has a thing for collecting and staring at alpha teeth is after he knocks some dude’s tooth off during a fight. From that moment on, he starts looking for the perfect alpha set of teeth, but he quickly realizes that it’s not going to be an easy task. When Arashi starts working at the prison, Daisuke feels like he might be the one, but he can’t be sure until he sees Arashi’s teeth in full display.

Once he decides he’s going after Arashi, Daisuke tries everything he can to get rid of the mask that the prison officer is forced to wear, and since he’s an omega, he uses the power of his pheromones to seduce Arashi, with amazing results. However, when Daisuke thinks he’ll be able to remove the mask and finally unveil the perfect set of teeth he’s been looking for, Arashi comes back to his senses and runs away from him. No matter how many times he tries, Daisuke can’t get rid of that annoying mask.

Taking the Mask and Other Things Off…

Even though all Daisuke cares about is taking Arashi’s mask off, while he tries that, there are other things that both of them get rid of...The encounters between these two are so hot they could probably make readers warm up during a cold winter night! Daisuke knows how to use his body to seduce Arashi, and he doesn’t feel embarrassed at all to show his intended partner his perverted side. From jumping on top of him to grabbing his package without any warning, Daisuke tries everything, always obtaining good reactions from Arashi.

Of course, the prison guard has to put a stop to this situation, but it proves to be more difficult than he thinks it’ll be. In the end, Arashi just gives up, enjoying his time with Daisuke and trying new things to give pleasure to his partner. Not only do they go all out in prison, but once Daisuke is out, they start dating as an official couple!

Final Thoughts

A hot, steamy BL manga that takes place inside a prison is something we’re not really used to. Haga-kun wa Kamaretai gives us amazing art with uncensored goodness, something all fujoshis will appreciate. What’s more, Daisuke and Arashi’s relationship is so sweet it sometimes makes us forget how naughty they are in the privacy of their room!

If you’re looking for something different while still enjoying a pervy story between hot men, try this one out!

Haga-Kun-wa-Kamaretai A Naughty Prisoner and a Strict Prison Guard Fall in Love in Haga-Kun wa Kamaretai

Author: Yaz L.

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