A Police Officer and a Yakuza Living Together?—Gokudou Parasites Vol. 1 Review

What Have I got Myself Into?!
  • Mangaka : Matsutake, Ume (Story) and Brocco, Lee (Art)
  • Publisher : Square Enix
  • Genre : Comedy, Ecchi, Supernatural, Police, Seinen
  • Published : January 2019 - Ongoing

Gokudou Parasites Introduction (No Spoilers)

Mai Shintani has been assigned to the Organized Crime Division due to the lack of personnel. During the first night of her job, she encounters Shougo Mikuro, leader of the most dangerous yakuza group in the city Tatsugami-gumi. However, Shougo suddenly becomes small in front of her eyes, enough to fit in her pocket. That is where he doesn’t have a choice but to take refuge in Mai’s apartment and, in return, assist her in taking down rival gangs.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

To those who are familiar and read this manga. Good taste as it is an exciting series and can’t believe that this was out of our manga radar. As for the others, be prepared for how do we put it in words… random? As mentioned in the genre, the artwork focuses on comedic elements on expressions, but the character designs are diverse in their own way. As for the story, we will get into that in the later sections. Let’s begin!

Why You Should Read Gokudou Parasites

1. It’s Like Nisekoi but Minus the Harem

Yes, you read that right. The manga is similar to Nisekoi in terms of using the Yakuza group as a medium of this manga. But why not introducing a character who seemed to be coward and a rookie of the anti-crime group who now lives with a Yakuza?

If that wasn’t enough for a complicated situation, Mai and Shougo have to worry about keeping that as a secret while dealing with Yakuza and gang groups who are tailing them from behind. You will know the reason why in the first chapter of this volume, so don’t worry. The duo sees each other as enemies but at the same time partners. Mai doesn’t want to reveal their secret to anyone because it will risks her job as a detective that she just got. As for Shougo, he prioritizes his honour as a Yakuza more than anything and doesn’t want to lose his reputation because of this situation.

Throughout the chapters, there are some indications that Mai might be in love with Shougo, but she hasn’t reached to the deciding point as of now, but we can’t wait to see what would happen from there.

2. Character Designs

You may be thinking Mai may look ordinary but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Brocco Lee
doesn’t focus on the micro but a macro scale of the manga world. The art style of the manga
focuses on a combination of western, Japanese, and Chinese style of characters.

They bring attention to details when it comes to backgrounds, objects, animals, text effects,
and movements. Most importantly, the expression the characters portrayed during actions,
banters, and conversations reminded us that we shouldn’t take them seriously and have a
laugh. Also, has anyone had a Nichijou vibe from this manga?

3. Side-characters

The story progression doesn’t focus solely on Mai and Shougo. Well, they are the main star
of the story, but they wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for the other members of the Yakuza and other
gangs. The chapters introduce characters in a well-coordinated matter and are dedicated to
each member that allows us to get to know their specialties and personalities. Even though
they indeed side characters of the manga, but we feel like they are somewhere along the line
between main characters and side characters. Even if they may be a short session for these
characters, we can’t help but feel they gave quite a memory to know them well.

4. It’s Funny to a Point Where We Can’t Take the Story Seriously Anymore

With all the action and chaos in their lives, pretty sure for the new readers that a few chapters
will be able to let you think that way. The reason? Well, the reasons for every circumstance
in the story whenever they introduce new characters can be out of the ordinary or something
that common sense or rationality doesn’t exist in their world.

Shougo’s assistance usually saves Mai in dangerous times and during work, but he has a
weakness… Can someone get that cat off from Shougo?! It is carrying Shougo off the scene
with its lips!

Ahem. You won’t be reading the repetitive type of story from this manga. There always will
be different stories and chapters we’re going to experience from this one, so you might need
to prepare yourself for a very long journey.

Final Thoughts

Gokudou Parasites offers exciting and fun stories in the world of Yakuza and the police force. The character designs are diverse with a combination of western, Japanese, and Chinese. The detailed surroundings, animals, and objects bring forth the immersion with the characters and the story the manga has to offer. The side characters gave meaningful encounters along with the main characters and progress the story effectively.

The comedic elements were something that we shouldn’t take lightly. Well, that is the whole point of the comedy, right? But the execution of implementing humor into some scenes are well done. If you want to read a manga series where the characters having complicated situations but funny at the same time, you might want to give this one a try. It is a good change of pace to settle down from your responsibilities or away from serious type manga. Leave a comment below on who is your favorite character?

Gokudo-parasite-manga A Police Officer and a Yakuza Living Together?—Gokudou Parasites Vol. 1 Review


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