A Shy Boy And a Tsundere Guy Fall in Love in Koisuru Tetsumenpi

There are a lot of tropes in manga. Some are more common than others, and some are more popular than others, but we can’t deny that tsundere characters are really common and they always end up being a key point to the plot. Tsunderes are usually paired with strong characters who know what they want, but in Koisuru Tetsumenpi, the one fighting for the tsundere’s love is a really shy guy. How will that work?!

It’s Not Like I Have Feelings For You…

Ryouno has been working for the same company for four years now, earning his place as the ace of the Sales Department with hard work and charm. Everyone in the office thinks he’s hot and confident, but the reality is far from being that one. Ryouno is actually a really shy guy whose face turns red every time something unexpected happens, and in that office, something like that seems to occur every day! After meetings, Ryouno goes to the toilet and stays there until he calms down, hoping that no one will discover his secret. However, one day he runs into Natsume, a hot-tempered senpai, and that’s when Ryouno discovers that he’s able to calm down when he’s near Natsume too, so a weird friendship between them is born.

On the other hand, Natsume has his own secret: he’s been in love with Ryouno ever since he started working there, four years ago! Although his face is not that inviting, his heart sings every time he’s next to his crush. After hanging out for a while, Ryouno discovers Natsume’s secret and understands that the fluttering feeling in his chest is called love. However, although they have sex, they’re still not dating each other. Can someone please fix this?!

Side Couples Are Important Too

Koisuru Tetsumenpi is not all about the main couple. In the second volume, we get to see Tomita, Natsume’s friend, and how he starts a relationship with the owner of a bar. Tomita is a straight guy who doesn’t take love seriously and isn’t interested in finding a partner or getting married. But after meeting Saito, Tomita realizes that happiness can be found anywhere. The problem is that Saito is a free spirit, someone who can’t settle down.

Tomita and Saito start their relationship as fuck buddies, and that’s okay… for a while. When Tomita understands that he’s in love with the bar owner, he starts to want a more serious relationship, but he’s too afraid to tell him. It’s really painful to see how this man tries his best to act like he doesn’t care, and Saito not even getting the hint. What a dense man! Of course, we can’t complain about the steamy sex scenes, those are amazing! We just wish the author allows these two to be happy.

Are They Dating Yet?

The problem with people like Ryouno and Natsume is that they’re clueless when it comes to love. They know they like each other, they sleep together, they want to see each other every day, but they say they’re not dating! This isn’t frustrating just for us; their friends also find it hard to believe that they can be so dense. In more than one opportunity, Tomita asks Natsune what his feelings for Ryouno are, and he doesn’t hesitate to say it’s love. Apparently, these two are okay with having sex non-stop and not being in a formal relationship. Who are we to judge them?

It’s not like Tomita has everything figured out either; he doesn’t know whether Saito wants to be in a relationship with him or not. The nights are hot and raunchy but during the day, Saito seems to be as distant as ever. By the end of volume 2, these two couples will start to question what they want for their future. Let’s hope that volume 3 gives us some answers… and lots of spicy sex scenes!

Final Thoughts

We can’t wait to see what happens with these two couples, and we’re already looking forward to all the juicy encounters between them.

Koisuru Tetsumenpi is a really cute manga, with beautiful art and an appealing story. It definitely has the potential to become a favorite among fujoshis, and the author is kind enough to give us a third volume!

Koisuru-Tetsumenpi A Shy Boy And a Tsundere Guy Fall in Love in Koisuru Tetsumenpi

Author: Yaz L.

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