A Single Kiss Is All You Need - Rosen Blood: Haitoku no Meikan (Rosen Blood) Vol.1, [Manga]

They Look Alive.
  • Mangaka : Ishizue, Kachiru
  • Publisher : VIZ Media
  • Genre : Fantasy, Horror, Romance
  • Published : December 2021 - Ongoing

Levi-Ruin and the mysterious men that took Stella into their mansion when her carriage had gotten into an accident and left her as the only survivor. Because she couldn’t afford another carriage ride to her new job, she decided to work for Levi as a maid. During her new career, she discovers an odd number of lifelike sculptures in one of the residents rooms. What secrets do this mansion hold that have yet to be found?

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Rosen Blood is a story of how a human girl, Stella, wakes up in a mansion after a carriage accident on her way to her new job as a life in maid. Before you readers say anything, she doesn’t have any relatives alive at that time. Being saved by a mysterious man from a carriage accident is one thing, but how does one not know her saviours sharp fangs should be a red flag. They are attractive, yet they can be deadly. The character design is a mixture of a Japanese/European and Transylvania atmosphere. The story isn’t intended to be a mystery type of manga as Stella explores many places in the mansion. But let’s get into details in the next section.

Why You Should Read Rosen Blood: Haitoku no Meikan (Rosen Blood)

1. The Atmosphere

Let us take a moment to put ourselves into Stella’s position and appreciate the environment within and outside the mansion, at least within the private properties. The story theme is centred around vampires in a Transylvania location, and Kachiru did an excellent job to display the idea of the day and night of the mansion and the nature of the world.

2. Didn’t See That Coming

Aside from the mansion’s design, she made it evident that Levi being a vampire during the introduction. And one would expect them to drink blood from humans, and you know how the vampire story goes. However, as Stella sometimes explores the mansion with Levi as a guide, she stumbles into Gilbert’s room filled with sculptures. Our first impression is that okay, maybe he is into art, until the moment where they introduced the “Box”. We have a feeling some of you readers would be writing in the comments with “What’s in the boxxxxxx?” by now.

Inside is a female sculpture, but that alone is enough proof that the ones from Gilbert’s room have been alive before as there were scratch marks at the bottom side of the lid. That makes Stella anxious and internally begins to question the owners of this mansion. As the situation with Gilbert intensifies, Yoel, another resident of the manor, tells Stella the truth of their existence and how they could sustain their living. They consume crystals that were made from the blood of their victims. Levi-Ruin himself did all these. Despite all that, Stella volunteers to be their food source to avoid creating any more victims.

3. Their Drips

So we mentioned that the character design is a mixture of Japanese and European, along with the Transylvania ensembles. Their outfits' shots in different angles display their superiority, and damn, they look good in them. The background designs even flourish along with their moments.

4. So Many Questions

Even though the story is more of a fast pace, where Stella has been given the answers and discoveries from the mansion’s residents, we have more questions than answers to the secrets behind the estate, including the relationship between Stella and the vampires in a good way. This is a good thing because that puts us in a position to not view this series as a conventional type of vampire manga.

Final Thoughts

Rosen Blood: Haitoku no Meikan (Rosen Blood)’s horror element of the story focuses on finding out the truth within the mansion, its resident, and behind Stella, remaining alive before she wakes up. The surroundings make the experience fit into the genres and make us see this series as unique. The character designs go along with the environment, and both elements support each other to make specific moments memorable.

If you are interested in a vampire manga similar to Diabolik Lovers but a bit tamer and focused on finding out the secrets of the mansion, you can give this series a try if you do get a chance to read this series, write it down in the comment below of who is your favourite character.

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