A Spy, an Assassin, and an Esper. What kind of Family is this?

  • Mangaka : Endou, Tatsuya
  • Publisher :VIZ Media
  • Genre :Action, Comedy, Shounen
  • Published : Mar 2019 – Ongoing


Have you ever thought of reading a manga that holds a similar concept as James Bond from 007 but there was a special spice called a comedy? This manga may be for you! For all the wrong reasons. Maybe. Anyway, may we introduce you SPY x FAMILY!

A legendary secret spy for the country of Westails, Loid Forger, known as “Twilight” he worked day and night to prevent any war from happening between Westalis and their neighboring country, Ostania. Now, he receives the latest mission, operation Strix, where he must investigate and stop the Ostanian Politician Desmond from sparking a war between both countries. However, to get close to his target, he has to get married, adopt a child and pretend they are a family.

Contains Spoilers

Wholesome on a Whole Different Level

The manga depicts a lot of meaningful family moments, but uniquely special with a tinge of craziness. Reading these kinds of developments will make your maternal instinct skyrocket whether you’re a parent or not.

Anya Forger was adopted as the only child of the Forger family. Anya also turned out to be an Esper with the ability to read minds. The youngest member of the Forger family was actually the product of a secret experiment. Poor Anya has been through four different orphanages and didn’t experience the love of a parent. Anya’s existence reminded Loid of his past and inspired a determination and that encourages him to give Anya a life that she deserves.

Comedic and Complicated

Yor Briar, who pretends to be Loid’s wife, works as an office lady, but during the night, she is a hitman known as the Thorn Princess. Yes, you heard us… a professional killer living in the same building unit… as Loid. She was being pressured by her brother to get a boyfriend to help her fit into society and avoid attracting unwanted attention from the authorities, attention that is never wanted in her line of work.

Loid, Yor, and Anya project the image of an average happy family. The happy couple lives their covert lives in wedded bliss neither knowing their partner's secret. Anya, on the other hand, because of her Esper abilities, is fully aware of the double lives her doting parents lead. The almost comical paring of the spy and the hitman gives the growing girl a very fun and interesting way to grow up.

The Reality of One’s Life

We know we know, reality can be harsh on everyone. The manga shows Anya’s life as an elementary student in a prestigious school called Eden Academy while experiencing bullying due to the difference in social status among the students. The risk of reading stories like this occasionally might trigger an adrenaline spike as you flip through the pages

You will also understand how the family members feel and react towards the hardships, situations, and the heavy responsibilities placed on their shoulders. As for the espionage and plotline let’s leave that to our imagination for now and move on with our lives. Most importantly, the life lessons each chapter shows that can broaden our perspectives.

Final Thoughts

The characters of SPY x FAMILY are special in their way and they are trying hard to dwell into the norms of the society, but trouble seems to follow them every step of the way, because… plot. This manga gives us laughs, melts our heart, and it made us looked at our world positively.

For everyone who hasn’t establish a family of their own, it can be scary at the start line when it comes to questioning yourself whether you can nurture your child to become the best of themselves. It is all right. Worrying about their future is a good sign of itself and you just have to go through and always be there to support your child or children every step of the way. It can be taxing, but it was rewarding at the same time.

Never forget, that you have friends, family and loved ones to be there for you when you need them the most. No matter what happens, at the end of the day, they are your family who has been taking care of you since you were born.

SPY-X-FAMILY Wallpaper-700x280 A Spy, an Assassin, and an Esper. What kind of Family is this?


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