A Vengeful Detective and 200-Year Old Loli Vampire – MoMo: The Blood Taker

Do you still want to live?
  • Mangaka : Sugito, Akira
  • Publisher : Young Jump
  • Genre : Mystery, Drama, Vampire, Psychological, Seinen
  • Published : Jan 2019 - Ongoing

MoMo: Blood Taker Introduction (No Spoilers)

Mikogami Keigo, a professional detective in Tokyo, is investigating a series of unusual cases where the victims’ body is fully drained of blood. Keigo is also searching for the murderer responsible for the cruel death of his wife ten years ago, that is until he met a silver-haired girl, Draculia Momo.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Wow. We never thought you end up in a sorry state. What? You still want to avenge your wife? We’re going to bring you back to life, but on one condition: stay by my side. Think of the manga setting as a combination of Code Vein, Tokyo Ghoul, and Psycho Pass. The artwork focused heavily towards action genre and the building interior designs make you feel luxurious and cold as well.

Why You Should Read MoMo: Blood Taker?

1. Vengeance

Nothing beats sweet sweet vengeance while having a thrill and thirst for a hunt for a murderer who had brutally killed your fiancé. Yes! Let vengeance guide you to the destruction and throw out every bit of humanity you have left. This theme is the main drive of the manga, depicting how Keigo feels and acts upon developments when he was introduced into the vampire society.

2. Vampires in Modern Time

The interesting part of this manga is that it shows how the vampires operate within the norms of the society while abiding by their creed: kill any vampires who wish to obliterate humans instead of coexisting with humans. At the same time, it also shows how much discrimination and indifference vampires of high social status are towards their vampire assistants in their society despite the goals they had.

Aside from the social aspects of the vampire society, you will also get to feel, if you’re an immersive type of reader, and understand how Keigo utilizes the vampiric abilities and the tactical point of view towards both vampires and humans. And no, you will not get destroyed because of sunlight as a vampire or half-vampire.

Why You Should Skip MoMo: Blood Taker?

1. Pacing

If you’re not the patient type of reader, this manga may not be suitable for you. The development is considered slow as there is a moderate amount of information to build up the story. It made a lot of sense for this kind of pacing because it aligns with the character development. Keigo used to be a human and Momo is slowly teaching him how to be a proper half-vampire and maintaining his thirst for vengeance.

Final Thoughts

Overall, reading MoMo: Blood Taker is a good change of pace. The story makes us question whether we are a human or a vampire with a topping of revenge. Well… that antagonist did kill the fiancé. The smooth fight scene and buildings’ interior designs were pleasing to the readers’ eyes. The story arrangement is such a roller coaster where it switches between serious and non-serious banters. If you like a vampire theme manga, give this relatively new manga a go.

MoMo-the-blood-taker-manga-300x428 A Vengeful Detective and 200-Year Old Loli Vampire – MoMo: The Blood Taker


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