AEON Fantasy Co. Ltd. - Exclusive Interview - AnimeJapan 2017

AnimeJapan 2017 is one of Japan’s biggest events pertaining to anime, and Honey’s Anime attended the event to conduct exclusive interviews with major companies.This is just one of the eight interviews that were conducted, which detailed the company’s primary focus and their message to the world.
ラララ ララちゃん第1話 / LALA-chan 1st Episode

We were thrilled to have an interview with Ms. Ambrose of AEON Fantasy CO. Ltd. to know more about the company, what their strengths are, and their message to the world. Ms. Ambrose explained that AEON Fantasy Co. Ltd wants to promote their brand and mascot LALA, a pink and adorable squirrel, to a global audience through using children’s entertainment as the main driver to garner attention. The children’s market is rapidly growing year after year and so AEON Fantasy Co. Ltd. wants to capitalize on that by bringing a Japanese style influence to the global marketplace. Their message to the world is that they want more foreign companies to take notice of Japan’s willingness to express creative ideas not just for adults, but also for children as well. For this reason, AEON Fantasy CO. Ltd. wants to establish better relationships with the foreign marketplace so that their brand can expand further and create a warmer atmosphere for children all around the world.

Honey’s Message:

Ms. Ambrose was so friendly with us and really ensured that people around the world look forward to LALA and her friends. It was a great experience to get to know more about the adorable pink squirrel and so we’re excited to see what happens next! Thanks again to the AEON Fantasy team for allowing us to conduct the interview, and we send our energy to you all for a wonderful success!

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