Akiba's Trip: The Animation - Anime Winter 2017

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Akiba's Trip: The Animation

Action, Ecchi, Supernatural

Airing Date:
January 4th 2017


Honey’s Highlights

honey-angry1 Akiba's Trip: The Animation - Anime Winter 2017
So..... the game that this is based off of is about humans being attacked in Akihabara, aka Otaku Paradise, and the enemies need to be exposed to sunlight. The quickest way to do so is to trip them of their clothes to expose them... aaaaaand I'm out.
honey-angry1 Akiba's Trip: The Animation - Anime Winter 2017
BOMBON!!! LOOK AT THIS! This is AMAZING! This reminds me of all those anime that happen in a city but don't have the ecchi aspect. To Aru Majutsu no Index and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun spring to mind!
honey-angry1 Akiba's Trip: The Animation - Anime Winter 2017
It may not be as blatant as Masou Gakuen HxH, but this will certainly do. Akiba's Trip may be this winter, but it is anything but cold. hehe
honey-angry1 Akiba's Trip: The Animation - Anime Winter 2017
I know!! We will have to hold out for more, but in the meantime, this supernatrual ecchi anime will do just fine. Ehehehe

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This is Akihabara - a broadminded city that accepts newcomers and veterans alike. Even if you’re alone, if you go to Akihabara there’s sure to be someone there that understands you. A place where you feel like you could do something, you can do something - a city that strips both body and mind.

Anime, games, maids, idols, junk parts, second-rate gourmet restaurants - in this place packed full of everything ‘Akiba’, an unwavering boy-meets-girl story and a battle against the destroyers known as ‘Bagurimono’ (Glitchers) is about to begin!

Three Episode Impression

Akiba’s Trip is the anime adaptation of the game series Akiba’s Trip. Surprise, surprise. Akihabara has been invaded by creatures called ‘Synthesizers’ who are evil and take control of people against their will. They need energy to live. The only want that they can be stopped is if they are stripped of their clothes. No literally we have not made this up. Once sunlight hits the skin of the victim, they will be purified. Tamotsu Denkigai is yet another otaku in Akihabara. After a close encounter with the Synthesizers, he is saved be Matome Mayonaka. Due to a fight continuing though, he decides to help her at the cost of his life. She ends up saving him and in the process makes him like her, a synthesizer but of good variety. Confused yet? Good. The story goes on to meet Aria Ahikainen who is the third member to round out their team along with Niwaka, Tamotu’s younger sister and a strange doctor for support. They need to stop the Synthesizers from attacking people in Akihabara. To be honest, the pretense of the game is frail as is the story of this series. While we all love a good ecchi anime, this one simply falls flat. For hardcore ecchi fans who need a series to enjoy, here you go as there are no real others this season. While ecchi usually is lacking in an interesting story and characters, Akiba’s Trip tragically seems to be somewhat of a last resort by the studios to put something on our screens for the winter.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Tamotsu Denkigai

Voice Actor: Haruki Ishiya

Tamotsu is an extreme hobbyist incessantly obsessed with everything around him. He is often hooked on something extraordinary, and when he does become obsessed, he is unable to think about anything else around him. He also often is teeming with high energy.

Matome Manseika

Voice Actor: Rie Takahashi

Matome has a cool and laid back personality, but she also has a feminine side. When it comes to dealing with people, she had a half-hearted outlook until she met Tamotsu. Due to that chance encounter, a change has been born within her.

Niwaka Denkigai

Voice Actor: Marika Kouno

Niwaka is the younger sister and a slight otaku. Even though she thinks over her brother as a 'useless human being', she actually really likes him. She lives with her family and attends middle school, but since Tamotsu has become involved with Mayo, she now frequently has to travel to Akihabara

Arisa Ahokainen

Voice Actor: Yuki Nagaku

Arisa is half-finnish and half-Japanese. Just like Tamotsu is, she is an otaku that can cave in to high energy when it comes to things she is obsessed with. She is also proficient in Chinese Martial Arts. She has a good head on her shoulders, but she has quite eccentric actions, so people often think she is an idiot.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Arakaji Ushinawareta Bokura no Ballad by Earphones
  • Ending Song: B Ambitious! by YuiKaori
    Rirai Mirai by mimiememeMIMI
    Sanki touzen! By Earphones
    Chou Ouen Girl by AoP
    Kokoro no Memory by every♥ing!
    Koi ni Shinzan! by Shouko Nakagawa
    Fighting☆Dramatic by Milky Holmes
    Sekaijuu no Akihabara de by Haruko Momoi
    Kuufuku kara Yarinaose! By Petit Milady

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Acquire
  • Director: Hiroshi Ikehata
  • Series Composition: Kazuho Hyoudou
  • Character Design: Hajime Mitsuda
  • Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
  • Music: Endou

For more information: Official Website

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