Alice to Zouroku - Spring 2017

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Alice to Zouroku

Mystery, Adventure

Airing Date:
April 2 2017

J.C. Staff

Honey’s Highlights

bombon-happy2 Alice to Zouroku - Spring 2017
Oh wow. Sana escaped a lab and now has to experience what the real world is like? This looks like it could either be endearingly cute by mixing an ornery old man and curious young girl, or scary as the lab tries to get her back.
bombon-happy2 Alice to Zouroku - Spring 2017
She needs to be protected. Especially considering the first episode is a 1 hour special.
bombon-happy2 Alice to Zouroku - Spring 2017
She certainly does. This is seinen but it could get dark and psychological fast. Japan really likes to play with the idea of child-experimentation... Why?
bombon-happy2 Alice to Zouroku - Spring 2017
The PV teases that she will experience warmth for the first time. It feels like Rei from Sangatsu no Lion. Children mixed with difficult themes is common. Look at Gakkougurashi!

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Certain children have an ability called ‘Alice’s Dream’, which allows them to make any wishes come true if they imagine them. Due to this, they are shut away and experimented on…

One day Sana, a girl known as the ‘Red Queen’ with a special ability to create anything she imagines, completely ignoring the laws of physics, runs away.

A girl who shoulders a cruel fate. What will her encounter with the real world have in store for her?

Three Episode Impression

Alice to Zouroku opens with a young, naked girl walking off in the rain. As she is being hotly pursued, she manages to escape and somehow ends up with ornery old man Zouroku and his ditzy granddaughter Sanae. Together they try to live out their days in peace while Sana, the girl from the opening understands her power and the world around her.

The series had a meh start. I am not going to lie. However, at the end of episode three you know that more people from this mysterious lab are coming after Alice/The Red Queen/Sana and they will stop at nothing. While I originally had this anime pegged as another slice of life anime, this, along with ReCREATORS are the two must watch shows of this season. Supernatural drama, fighting, powers and more await those who dive in. Watch for yourself and see how the series goes from maybe to a must watch in just a few epsiodes!

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Hitomi Oowada

The ‘Red Queen’ with a power considered special even amongst the Alice’s Dream abilities. Due to her being locked up, she knows nothing of the outside world, and is really stubborn!

Zouroku Kashimura

Voice Actor: Akio Ootsuka

A stubborn old man who hates wrongdoings. A florist.

Sanae Kashimura

Voice Actor: Aki Toyosaki

Zouroku’s granddaughter. Easygoing and kind, she’s really good at cooking.

Shizuku Ichijou

Voice Actor: Ami Koshimizu

A member of the Cabinet Information Research Office Special Duty Forces Squad B. Has Alice’s Dream powers, and can use 666 weapons and 13 magic books.

Ryuu Naitou

Voice Actor: Houchuu Ootsuka

A police officer and old friend of Zouroku. He seems to know something about the ‘laboratory’...

Noriko Yamada

Voice Actor: Yuuki Hirose

A genius hacker who used to stalk Ichijou. With her skills, talent, and love for Ichijou, she created a system that secured somewhere where those with Alice’s Dream powers can belong.

Other TitleAlice and Zouroku
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Wonder Drive by ORESAMA
  • Ending Song: Chant by toi toy toi (kotringo edition)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Tetsuya Imai
  • Director: Katsushi Sakurabi
  • Series Composition: Fumihiko Takayama
  • Character Design: Kazunori Iwakawa
  • Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Music: TO-MAS

For more information: Official Website

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