Ameiro Cocoa Side G(5th Season) Reveals New PV & Seiyuu!

Rainy-Cocoa-sideG-300x450 Ameiro Cocoa Side G(5th Season) Reveals New PV & Seiyuu!

Rainy-Cocoa-sideG-300x450 Ameiro Cocoa Side G(5th Season) Reveals New PV & Seiyuu!

Ameiro Cocoa Side G (5th Season)

Slice of Life

Airing Date:
January 9, 2019

Other Seasons:

EMT Squared

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This is the fifth season of Ameiro Cocoa.

Set on the stage of Rainy Color, the café, this story will be about the owner, Koji Amami’s daughter Yoko, running the shop

Characters & Voice Actors List

Yoko Amami

Voice Actor: Eriko Matsui

Yoko is the daughter of the owner of Rainy Color, Koji Amami, and is a determined, cheerful girl. Still, she has a difficult life as her uninhibited father drags her around wherever he goes. At least, that is what she thinks, but Yoko is a bit of a troublemaker herself… (maybe she has a bit of her father in her?) While on summer break, she works as the store manager of Rainy Color. She is terrible with dogs.


Voice Actor: Miharu Hanai

Non is Yoko’s friend and is working together with her. Her special skill is drawing illustrations. She has a gentle personality, but she’s actually super reliable?


Voice Actor: Marina Yamada

Marina is Yoko’s friend. She’s tsundere-esque but always lends a hand to those in need. She starts to work with Yoko as well. She’s of the age where she is worried about the size of her boobs compared to those around her.


Voice Actor: Chiaki Omigawa

Ikumi is Ketio’s friend. Her skill is that she puts on airs of being a mature individual. She seems to be the one who understands Keito the best.


Voice Actor: Nichika Oomori

Keito is a cool beauty who’s met Yoko and company a few times. She appears to be interested in Yoko. Ikumi claims that Keito is not a bad girl, but rather is a kind, clumsy girl.


Voice Actor: Aina Suzuki

Meru is a young girl who lives near Rainy Cocoa. She asks Yoko and her friends to help her find her cat Cocoa who disappeared.

Koji Amami

Voice Actor: Ryou Horikawa

Koji is the owner of Rainy Color café and is a free individual traveling the world. He has a bad habit of being a bit too free and dragging those around him into things, but he doesn’t realize it at all.


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: I AM Deshi Shuppan

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