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Even before One Piece invaded, Tokyo Tower has always been a popular destination for tourists to gaze upon Tokyo’s spectacular skyline, but now this famous landmark has become even more popular with its latest addition. Spanning three floors, Tokyo One Piece Tower is every fan’s dream come true. There are numerous amounts of attractions to keep a visitor entertained for an entire day which is great if the weather outside is not cooperating.

In addition to all of the goodies inside the One Piece area, two floors below the main park are Sanji’s Oresama Restaurant, Mugiwara Café, and a Mugiwara Store which can fill in the gaps located in visitors’ stomachs and wallets. From live shows to scavenger hunts, Tokyo One Piece Tower won’t let fans down.

Tokyo One Piece Tower Info


Foot town 4-2-8 Shibakouen,Minato-ku,Tokyo

  • Toei Oedo Line "Akabanebashi" Station
    5 min. from Akabanebashi Exit
  • Tokyo Metro Hibya Line "Kamiyacho" Station
    7 min. from Exit 1
  • Toei Mita Line "Onarimon" Station
    6 min. from Exit A1
  • Toei Asakusa Line "Daimon" Station
    10 min. from Exit A6
  • JR Yamanote Line "Hamamatsucho" Station
    15 min. from North Exit
Cost of AdmissionGeneral Admission

TypeAdult (12 & Up)Children (4 – 11)Where to buy
Advanced Tickets3,000 yen (w/tax)1,500 yen (w/tax)Tokyo One Piece Tower Ticket system
Walk-up Tickets3,200 yen (w/tax)1,600 yen (w/tax)Tokyo One Piece Tower 3F Entrance

Sanji's Oresama Restaurant

Adults (13 and older)Children (7-12)Children (4-6)Children (3 and below)
2,000 yen (w/tax)1,500 yen (w/tax)1,000 yen (w/tax)Free
Hours of Operation
  • General Park Hours

    10:00 – 22:00 (Last Entry 21:00)

  • Sanji’s Oresama Restaurant

    11:30 – 22:00 (Last Order 21:00)

WebsiteTokyo Tower: http://www.tokyotower.co.jp/eng/
Tokyo One Piece Tower:http://onepiecetower.tokyo/en/

The Experience

As guests enter into the main floor they bear witness to each crewmember’s personal hardships via interactive flashbacks. Every experience is a tearjerker and really sets the mood for the exciting things to come. At the end of memory lane lies the Thousand Sunny welcoming everyone back into the present timeline.

The rest of the main floor is filled with life sized replicas of each character gathering around a large table to have a feast. Sanji and Zoro are fighting as usual, Usopp and Luffy are dancing with meat in their hands while Robin and Nami look on, Franky is in his usual Super pose, Brook is playing music, and Chopper is admiring everything.

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tokyo one piece tower ace

There is a kiosk located next to Franky so that guests may have their picture taken by a professional or with their own camera in Franky’s signature move. Behind the kiosk lies a small store filled with cosplay goodies for each character and in the middle of the floor an escalator is located to take guests up to the second floor where most of the attractions are.

Once on the second floor, Franky’s Cola Pinball Machine is the first place within sight. Guests can place a 500Y coin into the slot and hit the pinball in hopes of winning a rare Franky’s General Figurine, but don’t worry. Every participant gets a prize and these are usually cell phone straps. Just behind the machine is a Franky themed café featuring large mugs of cola for purchase as well as other assorted Franky/American themed drinks.

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Around the corner to the right from Franky’s area, guests can take on a mission from Nico Robin herself. Guests are given a large den den mushi equipped with a special sensor so that it may read the small ponyglyphs located throughout the park. Once a ponyglyph is located the den den mushi must be placed over the spot until the button on its back turns green. When the button turns green it can be pressed and Robin will offer words of encouragement.

When all of the ponyglyphs are located through each of the three levels, the den den mushi can be returned and Robin will congratulate amateur archaeologists with a custom wanted poster that can be purchased at the photo kiosk by Franky’s cola café.

Moving on from Robin’s area leads to Nami’s Casino where visitors are ushered into a stadium like area. Each person is equipped with four different colored buttons that correspond to the mini games that will appear on the main screen. The buttons are used for betting and whoever reaches above 300 million berries is given a special Nami themed credit card (which is not a real card, just a souvenir).

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The games are fun and engaging, especially since Nami is the host. The way she is projected onto a sheer screen really brings her to life and adds to the experience.

One of the areas that were the most fun was right next to Nami’s Casino. Usopps’s slingshot area is open for all to see as guests can faceoff in fast paced target practice for the opportunity to win their very own Sogeking mask. The game is surprisingly hard as shooters must first shoot down a series of marines before Enies Lobby appears and the final target becomes the center of the World Government’s flag. Those who DO manage to make the final shot before the time limit are rewarded with the mask.

Moving on to the next area leads to Zoro’s sword area. The wait in line is well worth it as those who are stuck in line are led through a gallery of full scale models featuring some of the most famous swords in One Piece including Zoro’s, Law’s, and Mihawk’s. The end of the line leads to an interactive screen adventure where guests are given a foam sword to hold back the laser beams emitting from Kuma’s mouth. During the last strike, a picture is taken of the guest and the result can be purchased at the picture kiosk mentioned earlier.

tokyo one piece tower seat of justice

Brook’s area is next and can seem a bit foreboding given the haunted house theme. At the beginning of the maze area, staff hand each group a tiny ball that is supposedly made out of salt. This ball is to be placed inside of the mouth of the zombie lurking inside. He actually appears at the very end and there is a surprise for those who are brave enough to place it in his mouth. The ride is short, but sweet for those who loved the Thriller Bark storyline.

Chopper is last, but certainly not least on the floor. Here visitors are given the opportunity to take a tour of the Thousand Sunny. The only problem is that Chopper can’t seem to find the rest of the crew! The area is completely interactive and almost all of the prop items can be touched and played with. For those with less than pure thoughts, a peep hole gives a great view of the shower room. In the end, everyone was actually pulling together a surprise birthday party for Chopper complete with Usopp’s fireworks!

Moving up to the third floor leads to more fun opportunities waiting to be experienced. Since Luffy is the captain, it is only natural that his specific area is the largest and most gut wrenching. Here guests are led through Luffy’s past including all the arcs up until Dressrosa. The viewing room at the very end is amazing and brings those watching into the action.

tokyo one piece tower luffy and shanks

tokyo one piece tower nami crying

The middle area of the third floor provides plenty of photo opportunities and leads into the Impel Down themed bathroom area. A small tip to those who visit, entering this small bathroom hallway ten minutes before the live show just around the corner will give those an opportunity to see the cast walk to the backstage area. It’s something truly special and feels like a private show all on its own.

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tokyo one piece tower law hand

The live show performs every hour and lasts a full twenty minutes. The show takes advantage of 3D mapping bringing the manga into the real world with the addition of live actors. While this show is not nearly as impressive as the large ninety minute stage show at Universal Studios, it is still very well done and fun to be a part of.

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Additional info

The store and two restaurant areas are located below the main area and it is possible to receive a reentry stamp for those wishing to eat something mid-day. Sanji’s Oresama Restaurant requires a reservation since it is a ninety minute buffet, so be sure to get there early. Every single food item is influenced by a scene or character. Even Hachi's signature takoyaki are available for consumption. For a cool 2,000 yen there are a lot of food items to choose from so no one will be left unsatisfied.

tokyo one piece tower enies lobby

For those who don’t wish to eat something so heavy, the Mugiwara Café sits right next to the entrance of Sanji’s Oresama Restaurant. The café offers small meals and focuses mainly on delicious drinks. The atmosphere is relaxing and various items of the Strawhats have been left out as if to say they are relaxing right there with the customers.

Chopper’s backback as well as Brook’s violin hang from hooks on the walls while Luffy’s signature strawhat lay on the large table in the center of the room. The prices are reasonable in this small café so if anything, a quick visit for drinks is well worth it..

A must stop location for souvenirs is located right around the corner from both food places and offers loads of One Piece goodies from towels, mouse pads, t-shirts, and jewelry to puzzles, posters, backpacks, and stationary.

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Final Thoughts:

Upon entering the attraction each person is given a character themed ticket used frequently to track each guest’s experiences throughout the area. Special holders can be purchased just inside the door for easy access for 500y. These tickets became vital to the One Piece experience and made it easy to track everything everyone did. The setup of the entire park was really smart and made the logistics an enjoyable experience for myself and my friends.

While this park is quite fun and interactive, it is not made for those who are unfamiliar with the world of One Piece. Anyone who is caught up with the series will be pleasantly surprised though because there are LOADS of easter eggs hidden throughout all three floors. I highly recommend this park to dedicated One Piece fans looking for something to do on a rainy day or simply just because.

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