Anime Hostel Astro Station Exclusive Interview - AnimeJapan 2017

AnimeJapan 2017 is one of Japan’s biggest events pertaining to anime, and Honey’s Anime attended the event to conduct exclusive interviews with major companies.This is just one of the eight interviews that were conducted, which detailed the company’s primary focus and their message to the world.

Anime Hostel Astro Station is situated in the heart of Tokyo, just a few minutes away from Takadanobaba Station. We sat down with the team at Anime Hostel Astro Station to hear their company strengths and message to the world. Anime Hostel Astro Station is the only anime themed hostel in Japan. It was initially targeted towards both Japanese and foreign visitors, but now they want focus exclusively on the foreign travelers. There are 13 rooms which feature very anime related designs such as large-scale wallpaper and beddings of original anime illustrations. Many manga selections are available in both English and Japanese, while being able to enjoy a very otaku styled living space such as a gaming room. They emphasized that It’s not a hotel styled environment, and that they want visitors to have the same experience you’d get from a typical manga-kissa.

Their message to the world is to come and visit their Hostel in Takadanobaba, to experience authentic Japanese otaku style culture through manga, gaming and anime. With over 500 volumes of manga to choose from, many of which are English copies, the goal is to make everyone feel right at home as if they’re a part of Japan and its evolving culture. With an affordable price with great accommodation, Anime Hostel Astro Station is the otaku dream for any foreign visitor.

Honey’s Message:

If we’re ever tired and in need of a place to rest, Anime Hostel Astro Station is certainly one place we’ll arrange a bed for. We had such a wonderful time talking with the team at Hostel Station, and we look forward to seeing your company take off and spread joy to all foreign travelers!

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