Anime Music Mondays [Weekly Chart 10/03/2016]


What You Need to Know:

  • Welcome one and all to the first official Anime Music Monday chart of Autumn! That is right, this is the first one officially in October!
  • From here on out it will be all fall based anime Opening and Ending songs right? Right? Wrong! This week we see songs from summer charting.
  • It seems like we will have to wait a few more weeks until those artists release their new songs. In the meantime, enjoy!

Top Songs and Shows!

7. World of Dawn by Aoi Tada (Rewrite ED) (29th)


6. Hoshi no Fune/Gentle Jena by Lia & Ayaka Kitazawa (Planetarian ~Hoshi no Hito~ Theme Song) (27th)


5. End of the World by Anri Kumaki (Rewrite OP) (23rd)

4. Stardust/Yadoshiboshi by Ito wo Kashi (Sousei no Onmyouji ED) (14th)

3. Yume de Yozora wo Terashitai/ Minetsu DREAMER by Aquors (Love Live! Sunshine!! Insert Songs) (13th)

2. BELIEVE by Mariya Nishiuchi (Cutie Honey -TEARS- Movie Theme song ) (11th)

1. Koi wo Shita no Wa by aiko (Koe no Katachi Theme Song) (3rd)

Source: Oricon Ranking Charts

honeys anime character
Love love love my Sunshine Waifus!

honeys anime character
Nice! Rewrite songs are on here twice this week!
honeys anime character
I think that aiko has such a lovely voice. She is the sweetest!