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There have been several anime conventions scattered throughout New York and New York City but none have been as large as Anime NYC. We here at Honey’s Anime were quite happy to get the chance to be here for the three days—Friday through Sunday—Anime NYC was open for and we have plenty of information for you folks. Everything from what we saw personally to what we did will be included here on our Anime NYC Post-Show Field Report. That’s why if you plan on going next year—already it shows on their site that Anime NYC will return in 2018—then you’ll want to read our article to get some important information such as what panels we saw this year and how we survived this huge convention. Alright, let us jump into our Post-Show Field Report for Anime NYC!

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When it Established

Anime NYC was actually established for the first time this year in 2017. Totted as a convention powered by Crunchyroll but done by the power of the fans, Anime NYC was a testament to how far fans are willing to go for what they love. Showing much love for anime, Anime NYC aimed at delivering tons of anime themed panels and services for those who love the medium. Already, Anime NYC heads are claiming next year, there will be another Anime NYC convention which hopefully means we’ll be seeing this convention for some time in the future years to come. You can also bet that we here at Honey’s Anime will be here to cover any Anime NYC as long as they keep coming back to the great New York City.

Basic Info

Length of event Anime NYC last three days—Friday, Saturday and Sunday—from various times.
Place / location Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, New York.
  • Anime NYC had several ticket prices which we will list below.
  • Friday Pass- $35
  • Saturday Pass- $45
  • Sunday Pass- $40
  • VIP Ticket (this offered all three days and tons of bonus items/special screens)- $275
  • Weekend Ticket (All three days)- $60
Hotel Anime NYC was located at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, New York meaning there was plenty of hotels people could find to use during the convention. Obviously, the closer ones to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center would be pricier—some could fetch a few hundred dollars per night—so your best bet would have been to go out further uptown near the 50th street and 10th avenue areas, where prices were more affordable. From Holiday Inn to Fairfield Inn, your choices were pretty large and most would be somewhere around $100 a night to slightly cheaper. While Anime NYC did take place during November—meaning it was a bit cold out—NYC, in general, has many forms of transportation to reach the convention hall thus why going slightly away from Jacob K. Javits Convention Center wouldn’t actually be that bad of a commute for the three days the convention was up.

Company/Event Message for Fans/Attendees

“Anime NYC is a creation of LeftField Media, an event company made of dedicated fans and convention organizers. Anime NYC is not run by Crunchyroll but created with tremendous support from Crunchyroll and publishers across the anime industry.”

Taken from:

What to Expect

Inspired by anime and Japan, Anime NYC was a godsend for those who love all things otaku. There were tons of panels—which we will go in more detail down below—and exhibits to visit. There were also special events such as a Sailor Moon day—which even had all the voice actors and actresses there—an Anime DIVA night and special screens of the Full Metal Alchemist live action movie, though you had to get tickets for this separately. All of that is just the tip of the iceberg as attendees and guests could of course see amazing art done by various artists in the Artist Alley. Needless to say, Anime NYC gave people a lot of bang for their buck and could easily give those who went hours of entertaining things to do and see. Though, expect to walk around a lot.

What to Bring in Order to Enjoy the Event

Anime NYC had tons of things to see, items to buy and places to go while it lasted its three-day run. Next year in 2018, if you came underprepared—which don’t feel bad, many do if this is their first convention of any kind—let us tell you what to bring for the following year to make it easier for you to enjoy the convention. If you’re planning on going for multiple days or even just one, dress comfortably! While this might be harder if you’re cosplaying—some of the outfits we saw were incredibly ornate and looked to weigh a lot—non-cosplayers can live with light clothes. Though with the season being the winter, have a light sweater or jacket prepared as New York City can be a bit chilly at night.

For guests and attendees to Anime NYC, you might also want to buy merchandise. We can’t blame you, a lot of us here at Honey’s Anime went through some hefty amounts of cash to buy manga, limited edition Anime NYC merchandise and even Japanese inspired treats. That’s why we recommend getting a large backpack and or tote bag to carry all your swag. Bags will be checked before entering the convention, so make sure to not bring anything that might get you booted before even getting in. Though if you’re a cosplayer, there will be more exceptions to what you can bring as long as you get it checked by security at the props check area.

Finally, our last bit of advice is to plan accordingly. Sure, it might be fun to just run around the convention without a plan or a goal but that means possibly missing out on cool panels and special one-day events! Your best bet is to regularly check Anime NYC’s app or website for guest announcement times, special event days and the floor map. The latter shows off where all the panels and exhibits can be found in the convention center. Even though only a smaller portion of Jacob K. Javits Convention Center was used for Anime NYC, it still will benefit those who want to maximize their trip to get a lay of the land before going via the floor map. If you follow these clever tips and tricks, you will find your next Anime NYC convention to be a lot smoother and offer up a bevy of things to do and places to see.

What to do While There / What is Available

With Anime NYC, we figured there would be a ton of anime related panels and shows but even us here at Honey’s Anime were taken aback. Quite literally, there were dozens of panels that one could see such as Crunchyroll Simulcast Preview Panel, the Official Sailor Moon Special Premiere, The Women of Mobile Suit Gundam and tons more. There were even areas of Anime NYC dedicated to things like the Japanese Arcade scene—which offered a dozen or so arcade cabinets such as DDR, Street Fighter V and even some crane games—and places where people could play board games. Bandai Namco even had a place where people could play their upcoming Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet demo to win shirts and other neat swag. Also, let us not forget the wide array of dealers/artists who were selling merchandise such as Anime/Game statues, video games and of course manga. Needless to say, while Anime NYC wasn’t huge in size—as it only used a smaller portion of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center—it still had a lot to see and do.


Seeing as how Anime NYC is an anime themed convention you could bet there was a ton of anime inspired cosplay. We ran into thousands of cosplayers who were dressed as characters from popular anime series such as Kill la Kill, Boku no Hero Academia, Sword Art Online, Hellsing, and the list goes on. There were also a lot of video game inspired cosplay from Persona 5 to Street Fighter V. Some of our writers here at Honey’s Anime even got to talk with them for a brief moment here and there—Anime NYC was indeed busy—to gauge their thoughts on the convention and it seemed unanimous that they loved it like we did. Now, let’s just hope some of these amazing cosplayers come back for Anime NYC 2018. When they do come back—and we’d place a large bet they will—let’s also hope we can snap some more pictures!

Final Thoughts

Anime NYC felt like the anime convention fans had truly wanted and that is indeed an amazing thing. You could see clearly that everything in Anime NYC felt empowered by the Japanese anime culture we all know and love which in turn made fans quite happy with the end results. Tons of big name companies—such as Bandai, Sunrise, Funimation and Crunchyroll—showed their presence offering amazing panels filled with surprise guests from some big names in the industries and even offered screenings of various movies such as the live action Full Metal Alchemist movie. At the end of the three-day event, Anime NYC was a pure blast for us to attend and we know we aren’t the only ones screaming that feeling. If you want more information on the various panels we saw and in more detail, check back with our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

20171117_140602-Anime-NYC-Post-Field-Report-capture-375x500 Anime NYC Post Field Report


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