[Anime Culture Monday] Anime Recipes: Seafood Fry from Isekai Shokudou

It is time to go all out… all out on making delicious food that is! Welcome to anime recipes here at Honey’s Anime where each week, we showcase another delicious Japanese food or Japanese inspired food that comes to us via our favorite medium: Anime. We could lie and say that Isekai Shokudou is not a goldmine, but it is completely. There are just so many good dishes that are appearing and it is just a matter of time, and weeks, till we can get to them all.
This week is about two very cute oji-san who happen to be dwarves on an adventure… to find Nekoya! Since the dwarves live in mountains, there is only so much that they can come across for food. The Holy Grail of food is Seafood to them. And true, unless it is some mountain by the sea, then it is going to be hard to come across seafood. Well, when Gard is skeptical that they can do so, Guilhem takes him to a special location where they can enjoy not only beer but seafood as well. We couldn’t resist, so we had to break this one down. Welcome to the seafood edition of Anime Recipes!

Seafood Fry from Isekai Shokudou

Japan has a love of fried food. Don’t let Japanophiles lie to you and tell you that Japanese people are all about healthy food. While some of it is healthy, Japan, in fact, LOVES fried food. Fried chicken, fried veggies, tempura, which is like a half-step away, and then of course, fried seafood. We are pretty sure that many countries out there are in love with fried foods so it is impossible to say that one in specific was the one to invent it. There are many ways of frying and many people have developed various techniques over the years to adapt this rather simple dish to suit their palates. The good thing about a seafood fry dish is that we, as westerners, are not getting enough seafood in our daily diet, so there is a win there. However, it is fried though so you will lose some points. As usual, with anything with seafood in japan that is fried, tartar sauce is the way to go in terms of topping. If you want to avoid the fat, a good lemon spritz will do the job just fine. We will be suggesting slices of fish here as that is how it works. If you cannot afford all of them or you do not have access to all of them, then no worries! Just use what you have. No one has to be perfect.

What You Will Need:

A few small slices of a white fish. Cod is recommended.

A few Scallops.

A few Slices

raw eggs

Panko flakes


Oil for frying.

cabbage leaves.

Salt & Pepper

A plastic bag or a Ziploc bag.

Optional Notes:

Sometimes in the west, scallops can be a bit big when you get them. If this is the case, simply cut them into halves or quarters in order to get a decent size. It should fit in the palm of your hand comfortably. Remember the bigger the cut of seafood, the longer it takes and the greater the risk you run of overcooking it and making the seafood rubbery. Keep an eye on everything.

How to Cook It:

  1. 1

    The first thing that you want to do is start by slicing the onion first, and setting it aside. THEN cut your seafood up, if necessary. That way, you do not have to worry about cross-contamination.
  2. 2

    Next, pour your oil into a deep pot or frying pot and begin to heat it up. You want to shoot for about 170-180C(~350F) for the oil.
  3. 3

    In a plastic bag or a Ziploc bag, add in however much salt and pepper you would like to season. Remember that some of it will cook off and will not stick to the fish.
  4. 4

    Add in a generous amount of panko flakes.
  5. 5

    Crack your eggs into a bowl and mix them.
  6. 6

    Then, place the fish one-by-one into the eggs and then into the bag holding the panko flakes, salt and pepper. You can either do this next step one by one, or after they are all in the bag.
  7. 7

    Once you have your fish in the bag, either seal it or get a firm grasp on the bag, and shake it making sure the fish are fully coated with the panko flakes.
  8. 8

    Your oil should be ready by about now, so using a ladle or very long cooking chopsticks, or a grate, lower the fish one by one into the oil and cook for at least 5 minutes on each side. 7.5-10 minutes seems to be the golden window per side, but everyone has a different stove.
  9. 9

    Next, do the same with the onion rings. They take less time to cook, so the few minutes you spend cleaning up and washing things, you can coat the onions and then lower them into the oil carefully.
  10. 10

    While your fish is frying, be sure to clean up.
  11. 11

    Now, slice your cabbage finely. This is going to serve as the bed of your seafood fry.
  12. 12

    Slice your lemon. You can either use a slice, half, or whole! It just depends on how much flavor you want.
  13. 13

    When the seafood is done, take it out of the oil and place it on either paper towels on a plate to cool, or a cooling rack.
  14. 14

    Dish up your cabbage and then place the fried seafood and onions on top! Dress with lemon and you are good to dig in.

(Note: Seafood can make you very sick if not handled properly. Be sure to wash your hands and everything the raw seafood touches very thoroughly. )


Final Thoughts

While this dish goes very well with beer, you should only consume if you are of legal drinking age… or a dwarf oji-san who lives in the mountains and has a skeptical friend. Isekai Shokudou is bringing us a lot of fantastic dishes, but what has been your favorite so far? Be sure to let us know down below! Till next time.

005 [Anime Culture Monday] Anime Recipes: Seafood Fry from Isekai Shokudou


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