AnimeJapan 2017 Report: Aozora Under Girls Special Stage Event!

anime-japan-2017-Aozora-Under-Girls-01-500x332 AnimeJapan 2017 Report: Aozora Under Girls Special Stage Event!

Honey's Anime attended AnimeJapan 2017 held in Tokyo today (March 25th) as press, and this is one of short reports of stages we covered.

Aozora Under Girls was the final event of the evening, and what an eventful one it was! The show kicked off with a very high energy live performance to get the audience on their feet before the actual presentation began. This was certainly a huge surprise for us but it definitely revived the audience, with a number of people taking out their glow sticks to really show their passion. After the performance concluded, Aozora Under Girls producer Yamaguchi-san appeared on stage to talk more about the upcoming smartphone title which is slated to release this year.

Aozora Under Girls is being developed by Square Enix. It’s a live battle card game. There are five groups in total starting with Twinkle Stars who has 5 units in the group, GE:NESiS with 5, Pretty Princess with 2, Ginga Kagekidan with 5 and Remuage with 4 units. In total there were 21 characters and each idol has one kanji from their name, which is the same kanji that the seiyuu has. This was implemented so that each seiyuu can be really feel emotionally connected to their respective character, as they act out their roles. One plus is that as players progress through the game, they’re able to dictate the performance or the mood of each idol which also gives the player an emotional connection as well.

anime-japan-2017-Aozora-Under-Girls-01-500x332 AnimeJapan 2017 Report: Aozora Under Girls Special Stage Event!

After details were given and photos were shown about the gameplay aspects, each of the idol groups performed on stage with the audience exploding in excitement. The entire venue lit up as glow sticks of various colors waved back and forth through the air, while the energy really lifted everyone’s spirits to close off the event. Each of the performances were unique in their own way for example Twinkle Stars’ really focused on lots of activity on stage, moving around in unison to the rhythm, while promoting a very kawaii appeal. It was very well coordinated and felt very thrilling to see all of the girls put out their best efforts. They performed to the song “Tokimeki Summer”.

The second performance was from GE:NESiS who focused more on appealing to a more cool, rock oriented feel with some funky dancing to go along with it. They sang “Karisome Irony” which was very upbeat and fun to rock out to.

Pretty Princess was the third performance which felt more like a true idol experience, as the two girls sang with passion and expressed a very cutesy style for the audience to enjoy. Their singing was very powerful and really touched your heart as they sang “Wagamama Princess.”

Ginga Kagekidam were the more laid back group who used more humor and comical style to appeal to the audience which worked because, it really helped to lighten the mood and bring everyone together to sing along. They sang “Houkago Cruise”.

Lastly, Remuage came out with more of an upbeat tempo as their song “Melty Sensation” felt more techno pop and the audience danced along to the beat. This was perhaps the one we enjoyed the best because everything felt seamless with regards to the choreography, but moreso because the audience really exploded and hands were flailing in the air passionately as the girls gave it their all.

After each idol group demonstrated their unique skills, they all came together once again to close off the show with “Orange” which was a nice slow melody which was very touching, but was an extremely great way to bring the entire event to an end. All of the seiyuu looked very young but their overall performance overshadowed that entirely, because their hard work and training really paid off.

anime-japan-2017-Aozora-Under-Girls-01-500x332 AnimeJapan 2017 Report: Aozora Under Girls Special Stage Event!


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