AnimeJapan 2017 Report: Seminar Stage Event - “Project Planning” of Anime

Anime-Japan-2017-Project-Planning-of-Anime-01-500x332 AnimeJapan 2017 Report: Seminar Stage Event - “Project Planning” of Anime

Honey's Anime attended AnimeJapan 2017 held in Tokyo (March 26th) as press, and this is one of short reports of stages we covered.

The seminar was an hour long discussion where company director Mr.Morishita brought up important points relating to the animation industry, with students taking part to learn more about the process. The beginning of the seminar began with Mr.Morishita discussing the history behind Production I.G and the company’s accomplishments over the decades. He then went on to cover details as to how Production I.G conduct their activities through pre-production, production and post production. Pre-production details scenario planning, design pertaining to characters and other important contents relating to creating a blueprint. Production deals with the imaging, animation and overall layout while post production deals with music, sound, etc. Production I.G’s focus is to provide quality content domestically, but to also work with other overseas creators to create various types of products such as games, manga, CG and animation for everyone. It's great that they're taking initiative to study English and utilize multiple languages in order to build better relationships with companies worldwide. Their overall goal is to distribute merchandise that can appeal to a wide audience and bring the world together through quality entertainment.

Mr.Morishita provided students and the audience with Relic: Tale of the last ninja, which is just one of the works that production I.G is currently working on. Contents were shown for the audience to provide an example of just what type of work they conduct while in the creation process. This pertains to the musicians they hire, the story and its progression, along with visuals to further emphasize the quality put into the project. We felt that this event is really great for those who are looking to be aspiring animators in the industry, since a lot of the information provided by Mr.Morishita was very enlightening and demonstrated the process that the company takes to spread their content globally.

The seminar concluded with questions from the audience to Mr.Morishita. Some of the questions related to the difference in CG animation between Japan and various foreign CG animations, and what Mr.Morishita’s overall thoughts were. There are of course cultural differences, and many people worldwide enjoy Japanese styled animations, but Mr.Morishita wants to ensure that everyone can come to understand the cultural identity of what Japan has to offer to the world. Domestically of course, these types of animation are valued, but worldwide it becomes more of a challenge to showcase that same domestic product since views could differ in different countries. Mr.Morishita advised everyone to really take everything you do seriously, and really have a broad perspective when it comes to your particular passion. Take advantage of your chances and utilize your passion as much as you can. He closed with saying “Have a dream.”

Anime-Japan-2017-Project-Planning-of-Anime-01-500x332 AnimeJapan 2017 Report: Seminar Stage Event - “Project Planning” of Anime


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