Aniplex of America Announces 10th Anniversary Event for Gurren Lagann at Otakon

What You Need to Know:

  • Aniplex of America is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Gurren Lagann with an all-star event at Otakon in Washington D.C. on August 12, 2017.
  • The event will feature a panel with English dub cast members Kyle Hebert (voice of Kamina) and Michelle Ruff (voice of Yoko), as well as Tony Oliver, who served as English ADR Director and script writer for the series.
  • Aniplex of America has also reached out to fans with an online survey to determine which episode they will be screening at the event. The survey also asks fans to share their favorite scenes, quotes, characters and best personal memories of Gurren Lagann.
  • To celebrate the milestone, Aniplex of America will also be releasing a complete Blu-ray Disc Box available on August 8th, which includes all 27 episodes of the TV series and both feature length movies –Childhood’s End- and –The Lights in the Sky Are Stars-.
  • Attendees of the Gurren Lagann 10th Anniversary Event at Otakon can look forward to exclusive giveaways. The results from the survey will be announced at the Anniversary Event and on Aniplex of America’s social media.

honeys anime character
Blu-ray Disc Box you say... Honey-chan, bring me my wallet immediately.

honeys anime character
Only if you buy me one, too! Looks like we've got yet another reason to attend Otakon this year!