Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Chapter 109 Manga Review

Ao-no-Exorcist-Wallpaper-700x494 Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Chapter 109 Manga Review

The Birth

  • Episodes : Katou, Kazue
  • Genre : Shonen Jump
  • Airing Date : Action, Adventure, Shounen, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, School, Supernatural
  • Producers : March 3, 2019

Contains Spoilers

Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Introduction (No Spoilers)

Rin Okumura has always had a life very different then most teens his age. One night though changes Rin’s life even more when he discovers a truth hidden from him by his father. Turns out, Rin’s father isn’t his real father and his real father happens to be Satan! The truth comes hard as Rin is forced to watch his adopted father die in front of him due to being possessed by Satan himself. Rin vows to gain power and kill his real father with his bare hands…no matter what.

Discussion Time

Did you want an emotional chapter of Ao no Exorcist? Well, if you did, you sure as heck got what you wished for. Ao no Exorcist chapter 109 is where we learn the tragic backstory for Rin’s birth and how it caused his mother to suffer in ways none could imagine. Despite various wards in place to keep Rin’s mother from succumbing to the dangers of bearing Satan’s child, it wasn’t enough to save her and Rin’s birth ultimately caused an end to another’s life. Rin reflected on all the pain he has caused others since his growth and truly feels as if he was a burden on the world. Meanwhile, Yukio is about to learn what the test results say! We can’t wait for chapter 110 coming next month—April—but we can at least say what we loved about this chapter and what we felt were a bit weak about it.

Why You Should Read Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Chapter 109

1. Heartaches

Ao no Exorcist has been causing our eyes to shower with waterfalls many times, but chapter 109 really hit us in our hearts here at Honey’s Anime. Rin has done so much good in his life, but he also realizes that his birth has caused a cataclysm of events to befall others around him. That’s why this chapter revealing Rin’s true beginnings was just that final emotional dagger to our hearts we expected the series to hit us with since the beginning of this arc. We know already that Yukio’s big reveal, too, will be yet another shocker for us, but we’re glad—in some ways—that chapter 109 ended before our eyes turned too red to continue reading.

2. Amazing Artwork

Ao no Exorcist’s art continues to thrive in every chapter of the series but its exceptionally amazing in chapter 109. We loved seeing Rin’s mom giving birth and the slew of actions the exorcists began taking to keep her safe. The art made this chapter feel more animated than ever as you see the struggle of birth as well as the power of Rin’s demonic blood. Chapter 110 is going to have to go at full power to impress us as much as chapter 109 did. Yet, we know it’s going to push the bill further as always. A true staple to the Ao no Exorcist legacy so far.

Why You Should Skip Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Chapter 109

1. Cliffhangers

Honestly, our biggest issue with chapter 109 is a silly one, folks. We wished Yukio’s test wasn’t teased at the end as it makes for an all too obvious cliffhanger. Having Mephisto save Rin from himself at the end would have been the perfect climax to chapter 109 of Ao no Exorcist. Though, we also understand that making us crave chapter 110 for Yukio’s big test revelation is a solid strategy to keep readers wanting more.

Final Thoughts

Ao no Exorcist chapter 109 seems to wrap up a majority of Rin’s past but we now have to wonder about Yukio’s past as well. What do the tests say and will they lead to a change in his character? Rin, too, now has a lot on his heart as he struggles with the revelations he’s been shown. Chapter 110 is releasing in April but we can only wonder and theorize what will befall the brothers in it. Have any ideas on what might or might not happen in Ao no Exorcist chapter 110? Comment below to let us know! Be sure to keep reading Honey’s Anime for future chapter reviews and discussions!

Ao-no-Exorcist-Wallpaper-700x494 Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Chapter 109 Manga Review


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