Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm - Anime Winter 2016

Ao-no-Kanata-no-Four-Rhythm-dvd-300x414 Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm - Anime Winter 2016

Ao-no-Kanata-no-Four-Rhythm-dvd-300x414 Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm - Anime Winter 2016

Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

Harem, Magic, Slice of Life, Adventure

Airing Date:
January 12, 2016


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With the birth of anti-gravity shoes, nicknamed “grav-shoes,” humanity has now reached a point where they can fly through the sky with relative ease. Asuka Kurashina has just transferred to Kunahama Academy. She meets Mayasa Hinata and Misaki Tobisawa and is introduced to grav-shoes and the new sport they are used in. She joins the club “Flying Circus,” nicknamed FC, and is introduced to the wonderful world of grav-shoes even further. They spend time together and help each other move towards their own goals. Not only that, they aim to play against their powerful rivals in the summer competition…

Characters & Voice Actors List

Asuka Kurashina

Voice Actor: Misato Fukuen

Asuka is a second year transfer student. Regardless of whom she is talking to, she minds her manners and is polite. Sometimes her faults are visible, but she is hardworking and full of curiosity. She can daydream, but it contrasts her earnestness and honesty.

Misaki Tobisawa

Voice Actor: Azumi Asakura

Misaki is a classmate of Hinata and an instructor on how to use grav-shoes. She changes her mind on a whim and marches to the beat of her own drum. She hates mornings so much that her morning self and her afternoon self are completely different. Misaki loves udon noodles and is a regular at Mashiro Udon.

Mashiro Arisaka

Voice Actor: Nozomi Yamamoto

Small, yet lively Mashiro is the junior to Asuka and Misaki. Mashiro loves her upperclassman or “senpai” Mashiro and often is right behind Misaki. As she is the junior, she often acts like a servant to Misaki. She lives in and manages “Mashiro Udon.” She is a gamer and her room is packed full of “Jashin-chan” goods.

Rika Ichinose

Voice Actor: Madoka Yonezawa

Rika has just moved in next door to Masaya. She is an honor student at school. She is a member of the Flying Circus club and regularly plays. She is very serious but has plenty of clumsy moments. Her favorite food is any kind of meat.

Masaya Hinata

Voice Actor: Ryota Osaka

Masaya is the main character of the series. He is in the same class as Asuka and along with Misaki, they teach Asuka how to use Grav-shoes. He had potential to be a great flying circus competitor, but now he has separated himself from the competitions.

Other TitleFour Rhythm Across the Blue
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Contrail ~Kiseki~ by Mami Kawada
  • Ending Song: a-gain by Ray
Visual Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: sprite
  • Director: Fumitoshi Oizaki
  • Series Composition: Reiko Yoshida
  • Character Design: Keiya Nakano
  • Animation Director: Keiya Nakano, Satoshi Koike
  • Sound Director: Hiroto Morishita
  • Original Illustrator: Suzumori
  • Music: Elements Garden

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