Arca's Path - PlayStation VR Review

An overly calming VR experience

Game Info:

  • System: PSVR, PC
  • Publisher: Rebellion Developments
  • Developer: Dream Reality Interactive
  • Release Date: December 4, 2018

Who it Caters to

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The world of the PSVR is chock full of an assortment of titles. Arca’s Path however, stands above the rest by delivering a calming puzzle-like adventure that uses only the PSVR headset. Players who want a VR game that doesn’t require a lot of controls or movement will love Arca’s Path for its tight gameplay but age friendly set up. However, is Arca’s Path a title worth shelling out $19.99 for? We’re about to answer that question down below as we dive into this mystical fantasy experience known as Arca’s Path for the PSVR!

What to Expect

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Arca’s Path is a PSVR title that has players manipulating a small ball across a variety of levels. The goal is simple, guide the ball from Point A to Point B without falling off the map. With levels that come alive as you roll around and various puzzles to be solved, Arca’s Path is a simple but unique experience that makes for a nice addition to the PSVR library. At first glance the levels might make a player think their in for a chaotic journey but in reality, Arca’s Path is meant to calm the player. Though, is this calming nature made to lure the player into a false sense of safety? That is the main mystery that we won’t spoil in Arca’s Path,


AP-1-Arcas-Path-capture-560x315 Arca's Path - PlayStation VR  Review
Arca’s Path follows a young girl who finds a rather strange device in a garbage dump. This mask-like object allows the girl to travel into a strange fantasy world where she life seems to bloom in front of her in comparison to her dark reality. However, what seems like a gift may be a curse and the young girl will need to fight her way through this odd land to find the truth and escape her simulated reality. A dangerous adventure begins in Arca’s Path.


AP-1-Arcas-Path-capture-560x315 Arca's Path - PlayStation VR  Review
The PSVR has been truly booming with some rather beautiful titles that bless our eyes when we don our headsets. Arca’s Path by developer Dream Reality Interactive is no exception. The moment we entered the young girl’s world, we were surprised at the rich landscapes and truly beautiful vistas set before us. That being said, we played enough of Arca’s Path to see where it succeeds as a PSVR title and where it falls short. Let us examine this virtual dream-like title in our review of Arca’s Path for the PSVR.

Put aside the move controllers and PS4 controller, folks. Arca’s Path is a pretty simple PSVR game with an emphasis on using the headset as the primary means of control and the controller only being used as a medium to pause the game and enter free camera mode. The main theme of Arca’s Path is to guide a small ball-like object across various maps to reach the end. Along the way, the challenge comes into play when Arca’s Path adds switches that need to be hit and platforms that can cause your ball to fall off the map and into the depths below. This simplicity works in favor of Arca’s Path but equally causes some minor issues to show up.

Arca’s Path is no tough to play game and in fact is quite simple. The puzzles we experienced very rarely pushed our minds and/or our reflexes. Guiding the ball was simple and intuitive thanks to the excellent gameplay but it makes the base game overly simple. There’re no game overs to fear in Arca’s Path. When you fall off the map, you’re just teleported to the last checkpoint and usually it’s here you can realize you might have gone too fast or didn’t anticipate a small puzzle impeding your progress the way it did. The only time we ever felt challenged in Arca’s Path is from the time trials of each stage which are unlocked by finding all the crystals scattered across the level. This is where we had to move our heads and movements with precision to get the best scores and avoid tumbling over what otherwise would have been an easy puzzle/terrain.

Lastly, let us once more talk about the visuals for Arca’s Path. Honestly, while the game itself might be easy, that in turn allowed us to absorb the beautiful visuals that seemingly come alive as the ball moves around the various levels. From lush forest-like locations to dark and foreboding ruins, Arca’s Path is a visual treat on the eyes. Games like Arca’s Path remind us that the PSVR is capable of great feats with graphics even when the gameplay itself might be simple. The music also follows suit with some rather surprising tracks and truly epic scores.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

AP-1-Arcas-Path-capture-560x315 Arca's Path - PlayStation VR  Review
Our time with Arca’s Path was an interesting one. While Arca’s Path starts off calming and mellow, it does deviate towards a darker toned tale but the gameplay always remains the same. The simple nature of puzzle solving and motion make Arca’s Path overly calming at times and that is a shame when the time trials are so intense and true tests of your skills. We enjoyed Arca’s Path and while it isn’t our favorite PSVR title, we can assure many of you out there that it’s a tale worth trying out. We give Arca’s Path a full recommendation as it’s a simple title perfect for all ages with a story that we won’t spoil due to its interesting twists.

Honey's Pros:

  • Simple PSVR motion controls that only rely on the headset and the player’s own movement
  • Beautiful visuals with a nice amount of variety
  • Wonderful OST
  • Time trials are tough but rewarding

Honey's Cons:

  • Might be too calming for some players
  • Requires very little skill in the main game

Honey's Final Verdict:

AP-1-Arcas-Path-capture-560x315 Arca's Path - PlayStation VR  Review
Arca’s Path is yet another reason the PSVR continues to get use from us here at Honey’s Anime. The amount of originality sewn into Arca’s Path from developer Dream Reality Interactive is quite an impressive accomplishment and while it’s not a perfect title, Arca’s Path is still a fun game overall. Are you thinking of downloading Arca’s Path for your PSVR? Comment below to let us know why or why not! Be sure to keep stuck to our hive for more game and anime reviews as well as other articles curtsey of us here at Honey’s Anime.

AP-1-Arcas-Path-capture-560x315 Arca's Path - PlayStation VR  Review


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