Are You Ready to Revisit ReLIFE?

What You Need to Know:

  • ReLIFE was a popular anime that aired from July to September last year. The story followed 27-year-old Arata Kaizaki who is not doing well in society and in his personal life as he struggles to find a job. Then one day, Ryou Yoake from ReLIFE Institute appears and offers him the deal of a lifetime, what if you could re-do your last year of high school? Arata is skeptical but takes the offer. He gets the chance now to do something no one else has.
  • While many fans abroad seemed to enjoy it, it did not do so well domestically here in Japan. The DVD sales were abysmal as many fans were just not impressed with the story overall. However, do not let that get you down as today, the series has announced that a 4 epsiode OVA sequel is coming starting March 2018! It's going to tell the story of what happens after the events of ReLIFE and is titled Kanketsu-hen or "Conclusion Arc".
  • The PV for the series can be caught below. ReLIFE, even though the sales for the anime series speak otherwise, is doing well. A two-part live action movie is on the silver screen currently and a live stage musical was held last September. It's going to take another year for this to be released, but are you excited? Be sure to let us know below!

Source: ReLIFE official site

honey-happy5 Are You Ready to Revisit ReLIFE?
Awwwww yes! I was a fan of this series!
honey-happy5 Are You Ready to Revisit ReLIFE?
I dunno. This felt like a rip-off of Kimi ni Todoke. Well I'm sure though that the fans will be happy at this development.

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