ARP Backstage Pass

ARP-Backstage-Pass-Vol.1-e1601003918949 ARP Backstage Pass

ARP-Backstage-Pass-Vol.1-e1601003918949 ARP Backstage Pass

ARP Backstage Pass

Idol, Music

Airing Date:
Winter 2020

DYNAMO Pictures

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ARP is a four-person AR dance and vocal group created by the latest AR technology. Making their debut with Avex, they’re a new sensational idol group that’s characterized by audience participation as their high-level songs and dance configurations will change based on talking with the audience and fan support. And now, they’re going to become an anime! This is ARP Backstage Pass.

Characters & Voice Actors

Shinji Kanou: Shinji

Born from a prominent composer and an opera singer, he received a gifted education in violin, ballet, and figure skating from an early age. After graduating from junior high school, he entered ISM Yokohama School, which is famous as an artist training school, at the recommendation of his parents. He’s the leader in ARP who can do everything. He also calls his fans ‘Princesses’ and ‘Knights’.
Daiya Koumoto: Daiya

He’s a member of ARP's male duo unit REBEL CROSS. He lost his parents when he was young and grew up in a facility. He formed an independent band called CROSS BONE with Rage, a close friend from elementary school. He has experience in international street dance competitions and also designs ARP costumes, accessories, and goods. He acts sort of like a big brother no matter what sport he plays.
Leon Fujiwara: Leon

He has a Japanese father and a Brazilian mother. Born in Kobe, he left home and entered ISM Yokohama School, and lives in the student dormitory there. He boasts a four-octave vocal range and superior dance moves on top of looking like a model which attracts the production’s attention. He also works on songwriting. The difference between his normal impression and when he’s performing is really attractive.
Rage Hida: Rage

A member of ARP's male duo unit REBEL CROSS. At the age of 14, he formed CROSS BONE, an indie band of W vocals, that could be said to be the predecessor making REBEL CROSS with his best friend, Daiya. He won various contests, earning him the name ‘Bounty Hunter’. He was scouted by AR production on the condition he enter ISM. He has excellent grades, hates to lose with a burning passion, and also produces music.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Burn it up" by ARP
  • Ending Song: “Celebrate Good Time” by ARP
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Akari Uchida (from Yuke's Co., Ltd.)
  • Director: Tetsuya Endou
  • Script: Corie Tomonaga, Miya Asakawa, Tetsuya Endou
  • Series Composition: Corie Tomonaga

For more information: Official Website

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