Am I Some Kind of Common Gacha Character? – Atk 0 Crit All ~My Attack Stat Is Negligible, So I Can’t Help but Rely on Critical Hits to Succeed!~ Vol. 1

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  • Mangaka : Kazesenken
  • Publisher : Honeyfeed
  • Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Isekai
  • Published : September 2019 - Ongoing

Atk 0 Crit All ~My Attack Stat Is Negligible, So I Can’t Help but Rely on Critical Hits to Succeed!~ Introduction (No Spoilers)

Claude Evers has been summoned to another world to serve Eryn as her servant. With the otaku knowledge he possessed from his old world, he is thrilled to experience fantasy, magic, and action, but only to find out that he does not have a single proficiency toward attack and his magic stats for those purposes are nonexistent, which leads him to a role of a chef. With the trials lay before Claude, what kind of solutions can Claude cook up?

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Hey. Wake up! Yes! The summon is a success! Welcome to Sistina. We are the ones who summoned you to this world and your master as well. Your stats are… erm… Let’s kill a few slimes to evaluate your performance, shall we?

Why You Should Read Atk 0 Crit All ~My Attack Stat Is Negligible, So I Can’t Help but Rely on Critical Hits to Succeed!~

1. A New Beginning

It is almost every otaku’s dream or anyone, in general, to go to another world and experience something new and fresh as if we’re having a holiday and a bit of work along the way. In this web novel, the protagonist started with an awkward stat and many peers don’t see him as someone competent which leads him to be seen as somewhat normal. From there, he chose a role as a chef because he felt comfortable with it. This is fine as there may be readers who got too used to overpowered characters from the start of the story.

2. Knowledge is Power

The way people of Sistina cook their meals was surprisingly straight forward, but they didn’t utilize the full potential of the ingredients. That was where Claude introduces culinary skills and cuisines from his old world to expand more options for consumers. However, he too has to consider the pros and cons of introducing such knowledge as they might lead to obesity if the people aren’t informed.

Fortunately, Claude meets a peculiar magic tool inventor named Katsys. Since he is living in a fantasy where modern technologies can’t be made or found he uses his connection to the magic tool creator to recreate, in a magical sense, some of the tools he used in his old life. We even get an insight into Claude's frame of reference as he mentions several famous video games.

3. The Journey

The story begins with Claude and Eryn take on normal and mundane requests from the people. By normal and mundane, we mean from gathering materials, escorting clients, taking down bandits, and cooking since Claude is a chef. Come on, Claude is a chef. Let the guy enjoy cooking once in a while. The author did a really good job of describing the surroundings and the emotions from the characters and their world to a point where we felt like we are part of their lives and here to understand their culture. Most importantly, learning magic and meeting interesting characters.

Some quests could be related to reality and those can provide a sense of awareness to the readers and one of them was “Don’t do drugs.” Those things can turn your life upside down for the worse. The entire volume 1 has about five different quests they took upon to completion and every one of them felt necessary for character developments.

4. Fight Scenes

Claude’s abnormal stats put him in a situation where he had to study or run trials and errors of searching for weak points of every single object that can be found in their universe, be it a stone or a monster. This kind of concept held through to most battles in reality: find their weakness and exploit them. It is also fun and interesting to see how a college student battles against monsters through traditional weapons with a hint of magic and tools that were inspired by his old world.

The tactical warfare and strategies implemented in the scenarios are logical considering the circumstances the characters gathered from their enemies and their capabilities. The battle motions and flows were smooth and easy to follow and practical to a certain extent, so try not to act on those stunts unless you are under professionals’ supervision and not harm anyone.

Why You Should Skip Atk 0 Crit All ~My Attack Stat Is Negligible, So I Can’t Help but Rely on Critical Hits to Succeed!~

1. Details

We can’t help but feel like there are some details hidden between the chapters or in within the chapters itself. The interactions and thought processes are fine as they are as they held emotions and special connections between characters. But from the author’s way of writing this series, its intended audience is for readers who prefer to have quick and relatively short reads on each chapter. Unless you are the type of reader who doesn’t mind reading a short chapter in multiple days, you can create an account in Honeyfeed and make use of the bookmark function for future reading.

Final Thoughts

It is enjoyable to read an isekai web novel that focuses and appreciates both aspects of the world and culture for the characters to broaden their perspectives toward culture and the knowledge they acquired. This web novel even shows the initial struggle of the main character to discover his potential and use it for good throughout his journey from scratch.

Get ready for a variety of quests they are going to take, cooking scenes and experience their world in one volume. Of course, volume 2 is out now, so this is a good time for current or future readers to binge read the entire volume 1. If you’re interested in isekai and culinary web novel, give this series a go. If you read it, what are your favorite scenes?

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