Attack on Titan 2 PvP Multiplayer - Nintendo Switch Demo Review

Highest Score in Slaying Titans? Let the Game Begins!

  • System: NS, PS4, XB1, and PC. PS Vita (Japan Only)
  • Publisher: Koei Tecmo
  • Developer: Omega Force
  • Release Date: March 20, 2017

Who it Caters to

If you are a fan of the anime Attack on Titan, then you surely know about the video game under the same name and vice versa. Basing itself on the anime, Attack on Titan 2, the game, brings more action-packed gaming to its fans so to keep the integrity of the franchise intact and interesting. Attack on Titan is action-based, as well as, being a Hack and Slash full of excitement.

So fans of Dynasty Warriors, Bayonetta, and the likes, can continue to enjoy more intense fighting with Attack on Titan 2 from Omega Force and Koei Tecmo. The first version of Attack on Titan was met with much appreciation from fans of the anime series, as it brought an amazing concept of attacking Titans like you would in the anime. Although there was much feedback given to the creators in regards to the functionality of the game, Omega Force has heard your comments and applied them to this new iteration.

What to Expect

In this new iteration of Attack on Titan 2, the game brings more action, maneuverability, and challenges along the way as we are presented with tougher Titans to defeat, new modes to experience, and, of course, new characters! In fact, we can now customize our own characters to take part in the story which provides more versatility for everyone playing.

Not to forget, the AI algorithm in Attack on Titan 2 will have you on the edge of your seat as the Titans can evolve their movements based on your attacks, approach, and observation. We’ll definitely delve into that a little more in this impression of Attack on Titan 2.

We do want to make certain that this impression is for the multiplayer functionality and PvP mode which is 4v4 in who can score the highest in slaying Titans! Our coverage was experienced on the Nintendo Switch, offline, and in a room with other journalists from other outlets. So kick back and let’s get into it.

Attack on Titan 2 Action Trailer


Attack-on-Titan-2-Shingeki-no-Kyojin-2-wiiu-game-300x488 Attack on Titan 2 PvP Multiplayer - Nintendo Switch Demo Review
As far as story, what we know is that you will be continuing the journey of Attack on Titan second season in this new iteration of the video game, Attack on Titan 2. It does follow the anime series pretty close but one of the main points Omega Force is doing is the customization of characters which follow alongside the story of the characters from the series but from different perspectives.

Omega Force wanted to keep things interesting for players as they delve into a story they already know so to not be bored along the way. Of course, things may change as Omega Force and Koei Tecmo are still sharpening their tools for the final product of the game. For now, this is all we know at the moment.


As aforementioned earlier, we only got to experience the multiplayer feature of the game by conducting team-based battles with the new multiplayer 4v4 mode. Going into this gameplay was pretty cool. First, you are brought to the lobby where you can choose a character of your choice, we were Hange Zoe (love that character), and you met with the others who you will be teamed up with or against. During that time, you can move around and look at the meeting area which is a briefing tent for new cadets?! You can also activate emotes to talk with your peers while in the lobby so to entertain yourself while waiting for the timer to run out so you can begin the challenge of scoring the highest by injuring and defeating Titans.

Once you start the match, you divided up equally, of course, and placed on opposite sides of the map which looked like the city in of the first wall, Wall Maria, but since we’re talking about the second season here, it could possibly be Wall Rose as well. When the match begins, GO!! Your goal is to eliminate as many Titans as you can and there are also various ways of doing it, but first, let’s go over the basics.

The Basics

Attack-on-Titan-2-Shingeki-no-Kyojin-2-wiiu-game-300x488 Attack on Titan 2 PvP Multiplayer - Nintendo Switch Demo Review
The basic rules of the game are simple and easy to get the hang of. The omnidirectional mobile gear has been upgraded to follow a realistic flow of operations by only clinging to physical objects in the game. This provides more realism to the experience as it also makes for a slightly more challenging process of getting around. Changing directions while in mid-air via the omnidirectional mobile gear is smooth and helpful when trying to get behind a Titan for that sweet, sweet kill spot [slash]. You can also conduct unique attacks depending on what area of the Titan you are at.

You are also able to focus on different parts of the Titan by being able to control, with the R-stick, where you want to attack first or if you always want to go for the sweet spot. Pressing the action button while focused on a body part will slingshot you towards the targeted area and with perfect timing, you can sever a limb in an instant or eliminate the Titan altogether. Watching your health is one thing you will need to pay attention to as it can drain fast for reasons we’ll get into in a bit, as well as, a new sneak attack feature.

There is also a mini-map on the bottom right of the screen for you to get around easier. The D-Pad of the controller holds your extra health, extra blades for your slicing and dicing needs, and tow special item slots. In addition, there is a new Sneak Attack feature that allows you to take aim via scope, and launch a high-speed and devastating blow if you time it just right! But if you aim at the Titan for too long, well, you'll see!

Other than that, get ready experience the feeling you get when your adrenaline rush starts to kick in.

As A Team

Attack-on-Titan-2-Shingeki-no-Kyojin-2-wiiu-game-300x488 Attack on Titan 2 PvP Multiplayer - Nintendo Switch Demo Review
One way is working with your teammate. Simultaneously, you and your team, depending on if you have a full team of 4, can attack the limbs of a Titan and then from there, attack the back of the neck where it is most vulnerable. If you have at least one teammate attacking the limbs to help bring down a Titans health faster, the other teammate can go straight to the vulnerable spot. If you do this and you have a team of 4, you can split up into two separate teams to cover more ground.

That is one of the best strategies to conduct if scoring the highest point in a certain amount of time. Of course, if you have a team of 3, the third teammate can lead the way by injuring other Titans in the area so that once you are done with the other, you can easily take out the rest with no hassle. Just be warned, though, if the other team is fighting in the same area as you, they can easily steal your kill for themselves, leaving you with nothing to gain from. So play smart.

In addition to playing as a team offensively, you can do so defensively. For example, if a Titan grabs you or a teammate, either one of you who aren’t caught can swoop in and save the other from being crushed or eaten by a Titan. Doing this will also grant you some extra points but not as much as if you weren’t caught in the first place, of course. Again, play smart!

Last, when a team works together, they score extra points together, naturally. So help each other and get them extra points, because remember, the highest scoring team wins!

As An Individual

Attack-on-Titan-2-Shingeki-no-Kyojin-2-wiiu-game-300x488 Attack on Titan 2 PvP Multiplayer - Nintendo Switch Demo Review
Playing by yourself will have its ups-and-downs but for the most part, it’s very fun! If teammates are indeed working with each other, it can be your sole duty to take the other teams kill and move on from there. You can take down a Titan with a one-hit-kill slash while in mid-air by using the targeting system, but just make sure your timing is just right. Pressing the action button too soon or too late will result in a slightly less effective approach to killing the Titans immediately. Otherwise, you will just have to hit him once more and this will cost you time, FYI.

It is possible to get several combinations of instakills throughout the match and that will definitely rack you some points in the long run, but remember, it’s all about the timing/precision! Plus, if you play by yourself, it kind of leaves you more vulnerable to Titans grabbing a hold of you and when they do, you’ll need to get free by press the action button faster than the meter running out which allows the Titan to devour you, which is what we’re going to talk about next!

The Titans

The Titans in Attack on Titan 2 are better than ever. Compared to the first game, the second will knock your socks off! Omega Force heard our comments and went and upgraded the AI functionality of the Titans to be smarter than they appear, just like in the anime. When you go for a setup in attacking the Titans, if you are in there line of sight, best believe they saw you because they will go after you. As you attack a Titan and depending on how far in length the attack is coming from, the Titan has the ability to notice and take action as a response to you grappling onto them for a kill or moving into position around them for the said kill. Titans can fight back!

If you grappled onto a Titan for too long or longer than normal, they can swipe you away with their hands as if you were some poor soul on Tinder... If they have you in their line of sight while you’re maneuvering around them, they can grab you and attempt to eat you, and they’re pretty good a grabbing you in mid-air! And guess what? It only gets better from there!

If you are locking/focusing on a Titan for too long – because now you can lock onto a Titan by using a scope from far away –, they will notice and start coming after you. If you lock onto them with a sneak attack as well, they will come after you but this time, they have the ability to go into a BERSERK mode, so to speak. At least that is what was told to call it. When in Berserk mode, a Titan is highlighted in bright Red and literally goes ape-shit on you which, in turn, you will need to run your ass out of there! Pronto!

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Attack-on-Titan-2-Shingeki-no-Kyojin-2-wiiu-game-300x488 Attack on Titan 2 PvP Multiplayer - Nintendo Switch Demo Review
With everything said about the new Attack on Titan 2 game, we wish we could’ve played more of it! The graphics were beautiful and on point to seem as similar as possible to the art in the anime series. The design was great and the voice acting was on point as well. The mechanics and controls – while gauging a feel for the game – were difficult at first but once you found your niche, it was like breezing through the park. Everything felt smooth and the response-time was perfect.

The new AI functionality for the Titans definitely brought a much-needed challenge compared to the first game. Other challenges that were a delight was getting used to the omnidirectional mobile gear due to the new feature of directional change in mid-air that allows for more freedom the maneuver around buildings and Titans. The multiplayer PvP we experienced was great overall and getting to see and play as your beloved character in this demo made us happy! Hange Zoe for life!

Honey's Pros:

  • Amazing graphics
  • Extra challenging
  • Smooth mechanics
  • Excellent control response-time
  • Loving the new PvP multiplayer
  • New Berserk mode for Titans is wonderful

Honey's Cons:

  • Wish we could play more
  • The release couldn’t come sooner
  • And no PS Vita release for the West… Unless we band together and let them know?! Whose with me!

Honey's Final Verdict:

All-in-all, Attack on Titan 2 is exactly what we wanted after playing the first game. We got better graphics, better features which include customization of new characters, the ability to maneuver and change directions in mid-air, and making the game more challenging for those who really wanted it. And the answer to more challenges in the game, was better AI for the Titans allowing to fight back and make killing them easier a thing of the past.

We highly recommend fans of the anime series or original video game for it, to check this title out as it will definitely leave you with a smile on your pretty little face. We’re sure people are going to love the new customization of characters, the new maneuverability and the challenge, and the fact that when you create a new character, you're allowed to view a character’s storyline from a different perspective! I hope we mentioned that? If not, now you know!

This preview was just the multiplayer demo so you can imagine how much more there is to expect from the game on release, or at least until we get a review copy of it. Sound off in the comments below if you are excited and/or if you have questions! So much more to experience and we can’t wait any longer! “Shut up and take my money!!”

Attack-on-Titan-2-Shingeki-no-Kyojin-2-wiiu-game-300x488 Attack on Titan 2 PvP Multiplayer - Nintendo Switch Demo Review

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