Avex Pictures Exclusive Interview - AnimeJapan 2017

AnimeJapan 2017 is one of Japan’s biggest events pertaining to anime, and Honey’s Anime attended the event to conduct exclusive interviews with major companies.This is just one of the eight interviews that were conducted, which detailed the company’s primary focus and their message to the world.
We sat down with Ms. Takimiya, who is in charge of international affairs at Avex Pictures and her message to the world is to promote King of Prism, a uniquely designed animation, so people can understand more of Japanese culture through watching it. Many foreigners aren’t really familiar with King of Prism and other uniquely designed Japanese film, so she’d like to market these products more frequently to attract more global attention and close the cultural gap. Ms. Takimiya expressed that initially King of Prism didn’t garner much attention in the asian markets, but through word of mouth on social media the series grew in popularity. She showed us a quick video which showed an audience of excited fans in a movie theatre, waving their glow sticks around passionately as the action took place on the big screen.
King of Prism Trailer
This unique concert style experience is something that many western fans may not fully grasp, since typically movie theatres are a place to watch films without much noise. Ms. Takimiya stressed that she wants more western fans to see this as an opportunity to better understand Japan’s evolving pop culture and change the perspective. She concluded that, due to the overwhelming popularity of the first King of Prism film, Avex Pictures decided to create the sequel, which is slated to release in June. So fans around the world, please support the series and embrace Japanese pop culture!

Honey’s Message:

Ms. Takimiya, it was a great pleasure to sit down with you and discuss the wonderful aspects of Japanese culture, while exploring new ideas to spread these aspects worldwide. Your passionate voice and excitement really gave us a positive feeling, and so we wish Avex Pictures all of the success worldwide and to help bring everyone together to enjoy the beauty of Japanese pop culture. Thank you very much.

For more details, please check out their website:
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036 Avex Pictures Exclusive Interview - AnimeJapan 2017


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