BanG Dream! 3rd Season!

Bang-Dream-S2-Wallpaper-1 BanG Dream! 3rd Season!

Bang-Dream-S2-Wallpaper-1 BanG Dream! 3rd Season!

BanG Dream!

3rd Season

Music, Shcool

Airing Date:
Winter 2020

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Four months have passed since the concert held by Poppin'Party. After having a long fun summer vacation, the season turns to fall.
A warehouse for practice, a part-time job, the student council---Kasumi and other Poppin'Party members spend ordinary life, and they find a poster at the live house Galaxy.
On the other hand, one invitation letter reaches Rikka, who looks for the band members....

Shiny and exciting stage starts again!

Any dream can be achieved together with my friends!

Characters & Voice Actors

Kasumi Toyama (Guitar & Vocals, Poppin'Party): Aimi

A first-year student in high school. Has a hopeful, positive personality. She’s always surprising those around her by suddenly going off in an unexpected direction whenever she has an idea.
Rimi Ushigome (Bass, Poppin'Party): Rimi Nishimoto

A timid, reserved girl who wants to change herself, but she’s worried about the fact that she’s not good at taking action. Loves chocolate.
Saaya Yamabuki (Drums, Poppin'Party): Ayaka Oohashi

A kindhearted girl devoted to her family who helps out at her family bakery whilst attending high school. A dependable older sister who looks after her younger siblings.
Tae Hanazono (Guitar, Poppin'Party): Sae Ootsuka

Started playing guitar at elementary school, so has great skills. Loves music and is more passionate than anyone about it. Can be a bit of an airhead sometimes.
Arisa Ichigaya (Keyboard, Poppin'Party): Ayasa Itou

The granddaughter of a pawnshop owner. She has excellent grades and is quick to catch on, but she’s actually quite lazy. She used to take piano lessons when she was younger, but ended up giving up halfway.
Minato Yukina (Vocal, Rozelia): Aina Aiba

She is a mentally-strong girl who never doubts what she believes in and always has a big goal. She actually loves cats.
Aya Maruyama (Vocal, Pastel*Palettes): Ami Maejima

She is a hard-working girl who made a debut in the entertainment industry, admiring the idols. She plays in a band with unique members, who are decided by her office, in contrast to other bands.
Ran Mitake (Vocal, Afterglow): Ayane Sakura

She is a calm and punk-rock girl who has her black hair partly streaked in red. She is a competitive girl,but also the girl does not favor to be by herself.
Kokoto Tsurumaki (Vocal, Hello Happy World!): Miku Ito

Kokoro Tsurumaki She is an only-girl of the family, which is so rich that anything she wishes for becomes real. She is so cheerful and honest but has an acute insight toward her band members.
Rei Wakana / LAYER (Vocal & Base , RAISE A SUILEN) : Raychell

She is a childhood friend of Hanazono Tae, and also known as "the professional singer", who can sing any song.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Initial" by Poppin'Party
  • Ending Song: "Yume wo Uchinuku Shunkan ni! " by Poppin'Party
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Bushiroad
  • Director: Kohdai Kakimoto
  • Script: Yuniko Ayana
  • Sound Director: Nagi Miwa
  • Story: Ko Nakamura
  • General Producer: Takaaki Kidani

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Bang-Dream-S2-Wallpaper-1 BanG Dream! 3rd Season!
Bang-Dream-S2-Wallpaper-1 BanG Dream! 3rd Season!
Bang-Dream-S2-Wallpaper-1 BanG Dream! 3rd Season!
Bang-Dream-S2-Wallpaper-1 BanG Dream! 3rd Season!

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