Batman v Superman & Goku vs Vegeta - Epic Battles

640px-Dawn_of_Justice_logo-560x378 Batman v Superman & Goku vs Vegeta - Epic Battles

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice calls it a wrap on filming. According to the film’s cinematographer, the film has finished shooting principle photography. We are now one step closer to seeing the on screen showdown between these two iconic characters.

Coincidentally, the first trailer of a new Dragon Ball film was released yesterday as well, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F. Unfortunately, the details of the plot are still unknown.

Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F Trailer

This got me thinking about two very similar epic battles: Batman vs Superman and Goku vs Vegeta. Batman and Superman often cross over into each other’s comic world. They share the same universe. So, it makes sense for them to team up to take on villains or fight when they can’t see eye to eye on a global issue.

640px-Dawn_of_Justice_logo-560x378 Batman v Superman & Goku vs Vegeta - Epic Battles

Crossovers are not as common among mangas and anime. Hence, there is no equivalent fight in the anime world. However, one could easily argue that the battle that would come closest is Goku vs Vegeta.

In this comparison, Goku would, obviously, be Superman and the Prince of Saiyans would fill the role of the Dark Knight. Goku and Superman are known for being “pure” and having an indomitable sense of hope. Batman, on the other hand, is inclined to be more realistic. He plans for contingencies and does anything he can to ensure the outcome in any given situation. Sometimes, that means he has to use underhanded tactics or deceive his own comrades.
Vegeta was originally a villain, but later on he joined the good guys.Vegeta is definitely someone who doesn’t always put the needs of others before his own. He does what he feels to be right. More often than not, that means disregarding his friends and family in order to live up to his own pride. But, at times he comes through and saves his friends. Like Batman, he is a complex hero with a broken past.

You get to see two all-out brawls between the Saiyans. (I’m only considering the Z series and not any other followups or video games.) The first takes place during the Saiyan Saga. Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth and it’s up to Goku and The Z Fighters to stop them from destroying the planet.

The second happens during the Buu Saga. By, this point in the story Vegeta needs some assistance from Babidi to return to his ruthless ways. He forces Goku into a Super Saiyan rematch that fans had been dying to see.

Even though the series’ original run ended back in 1996, it would do the characters an injustice by spoiling the results here. Some fans may have developed a fuzzy memory over the details of their duels. Plus, others simply enjoy watching those fights over and over again. The point of this article is not to reveal who won. Instead, this serves as a reminder that the fights between two of the greatest anime characters ever, Goku and Vegeta, would be the closest anime comparison to the fight we are eagerly waiting for between the big two DC characters.

640px-Dawn_of_Justice_logo-560x378 Batman v Superman & Goku vs Vegeta - Epic Battles

“Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F” will be released on April 18, 2015.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released on March 25, 2016.

640px-Dawn_of_Justice_logo-560x378 Batman v Superman & Goku vs Vegeta - Epic Battles


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