Battle Planet - Judgement Day - PC (Steam) Review

Battle-Planet-Judgement-Day-Logo-560x254 Battle Planet - Judgement Day - PC (Steam) Review

Ever wanted to wreak wanton violence while simultaneously being tormented by hordes of enemies? Now you can!

  • System: Steam (PC), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
  • Publisher: Wild River Games
  • Developer: Threaks
  • Release Date: Oct. 17, 2019
  • Pricing:$14.99
  • Rating:T for Teen
  • Genre: Action, Indie
  • Players: 1-2
  • Official Website:
Specs (PC)
OS: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: Intel Core I3-4130 or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 560TI or equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2048 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible using the latest drivers

Who it Caters to

Battle-Planet-Judgement-Day-Logo-560x254 Battle Planet - Judgement Day - PC (Steam) Review
The creators behind Battle Planet - Judgement Day cite the games that inspired them the most when creating this game right on the Steam page. These games are Dead Cells, Spelunky, The Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, Rogue Legacy, Alienation, and Super Stardust. Fans of any of these titles are likely to enjoy Battle Planet - Judgement Day as well, as it caters especially to gamers who like this kind of gameplay. So if any of those games were fun for you, it’s safe to say you’ll like Battle Planet - Judgement Day.

Even if you haven’t played any of the games that inspired Battle Planet - Judgement Day, the game still caters to players that want something truly challenging and that aren’t afraid to lose again and again and again. Battle Planet - Judgement Day is punishing, with the bullets and bombs never-ending. That’s exactly what makes the game special, and makes it what it is! It’s an overwhelming, crazy bullet hell game with a sci-fi setting meant to challenge gamers and offer non-stop action. Players that are up to the challenge and interested in an arcade-style, top-down shooter are the exact audience that Battle Planet - Judgement Day is looking for.

What to Expect

Battle-Planet-Judgement-Day-Logo-560x254 Battle Planet - Judgement Day - PC (Steam) Review
It’s important to go into Battle Planet - Judgement Day not expecting to conquer it and finish in an afternoon. While the game isn’t necessarily long, it’s punishingly difficult. The shooting never ends, and you can expect to die over and over again as you grind your way through the levels. You can expect to replay the same parts of the game many times as you try to complete them and make it out alive. But directly connected to the game’s difficulty, you can also expect immense satisfaction when you are successful! It’s no small achievement to make it through the stages in Battle Planet - Judgement Day, so let yourself feel proud of it.

Beyond the base gameplay, you can also expect a cool soundtrack made by the mind behind Bioshock’s music. You can expect cool, sci-fi levels that are appropriately grungy and edgy to suit the game’s atmosphere. There are also plenty of weird monsters to face, planets to explore, and weapons to unlock. There’s even a bit of story to keep you motivated and set the stage for the entire game. If you’re a fan of this genre of game, you can definitely expect a lot of entertainment from Battle Planet - Judgement Day. It may be hard but in the end, it’s all in good fun.


Battle-Planet-Judgement-Day-Logo-560x254 Battle Planet - Judgement Day - PC (Steam) Review
Battle Planet - Judgement Day drops you into the shoes of one of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy. You’ve just made your grand escape by crashing a prison ship, but it feels like literally everyone in the galaxy is after you. And maybe they are! The only way you can have your freedom and escape certain execution is to destroy all of them before they can destroy you. Your pursuers will follow you from planet to planet, trying to bring you to justice and eliminate you from the galaxy. Your only chance to survive is to get better, stronger, and more powerful as you level up your attacks and weapons - and kill everything in your path.

The story in Battle Planet - Judgement Day is present, and it does give you the narrative at the start to set the stage for the game. However, Battle Planet - Judgement Day is not a story-heavy game. It does not focus that much on the narrative at all. It’s about destroying enemies and trying not to die, so the gameplay itself takes precedence. The background narrative is just there to give a reason behind what you are doing, not as the focus.


Battle-Planet-Judgement-Day-Logo-560x254 Battle Planet - Judgement Day - PC (Steam) Review
Battle Planet - Judgement Day brands itself as a “planetary rogue-lite top-down shooter.” So what does that mean for gameplay? It means that the setting is in space, and maps are all shaped like planets that you battle on the surface of. You have a view from above, sometimes called “God-view,” so you can see the entire planet as it rotates while you move the screen. Both you and your enemies are on the surface of the planet, and it’s up to you to defeat the enemies before they defeat you. Combat is shooting everything in sight like crazy while trying your best not to get shot yourself as enemies try to overwhelm you. There are also some tough bosses to face!

Battle Planet - Judgement Day is meant to be hard to beat and isn’t shy about advertising itself as such. You’ll be playing and dying over and over again for sure. But Battle Planet - Judgement Day does feature local co-op play, so at least you can die with friends if you want! However, with each kill, you will grow stronger and stronger. So every time you die, you also come back more powerful. And eventually, you can defeat your enemies and keep on progressing! Battle Planet - Judgement Day features Steam achievements as well so you can show off all your accomplishments to your friends.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Battle-Planet-Judgement-Day-Logo-560x254 Battle Planet - Judgement Day - PC (Steam) Review
Battle Planet - Judgement Day is a fast-paced action game with lots of mayhem, violence, and sci-fi adventure. The stages are uniquely round planets that you traverse the surface of, trying to avoid obstacles while fighting never-ending enemies that are seeking to bring you to judgement as the name suggests. The action starts fast and never stops, and while it may be too much for casual gamers, for those looking for some great action and challenging combat Battle Planet - Judgement Day certainly answers the call. Add in the atmospheric soundtrack and brightly coloured, clean graphics and you’ve got a great modern game that holds true to a classic genre.

Honey's Pros:

  • Battle Planet - Judgement Day is nostalgic without feeling dated. It uses gameplay elements from classic and beloved rogue-lite games without being frustrating or clunky.
  • The colours and graphics are great. The game is really bright and colourful to give it a really retro-science fiction feel that suits the genre.
  • Garry Schyman did a great job with the soundtrack, delivering fast-paced music that adds to the intensity of each stage and makes the situation feel even more desperate.
  • The progression system in Battle Planet - Judgement Day is great. Every time you’re defeated you become stronger until eventually, you can overcome the enemies that defeat you. It’s a classic rogue-lite tactic and works great in this game.
  • The game wastes no time getting started. You can load it up and already be doing a run within about one minute with no cutscenes or dialogue to have to sit through for people that just want to play.

Honey's Cons:

  • Battle Planet - Judgement Day may be seen by some players as being just too difficult. It’s important going into it to understand that you’re going to lose many times before you win, but it can still be too punishing for some gamers.
  • Battle Planet - Judgement Day is really hard to play with a keyboard and mouse. It’s designed to be played using dual-analog sticks on a controller to move the map and also aim, so its difficulty is only heightened for players that don’t have a controller for their computer. Even though we tried playing it with a keyboard and mouse, the game still gave some controller commands on the screen instead of keyboard ones.
  • There isn’t a huge variety of different enemies, so as you play, you see the same ones over and over again. Multiply that by how many times you’re likely to replay levels before moving on and it risks getting too repetitive.
  • It is quite hard to unlock the other convicts to play as and forces you to start with a male one. If you want to play as a female character, you have to wait to try to unlock her rather than just letting you choose who you start as.

Honey's Final Verdict:

Battle-Planet-Judgement-Day-Logo-560x254 Battle Planet - Judgement Day - PC (Steam) Review
Battle Planet - Judgement Day is the perfect game for players looking for something fast, intense, and fun. It’s got great graphics and music, enough narrative to have a point without slowing the action down, and challenging yet satisfying gameplay. If you have a controller for your computer, a strong will, and determination then Battle Planet - Judgement Day is great. Without those things, though, you might want to consider another game. But for the players that are willing to put in the time and effort to master it, Battle Planet - Judgement Day is an entertaining and satisfyingly nostalgic game to love.

Have you played Battle Planet - Judgement Day yet or have you been considering playing it? Did you think the game lived up to the games it cited as its inspiration? What part of Battle Planet - Judgement Day are you most excited to experience for yourself? Drop us a comment below before you leave!

Battle-Planet-Judgement-Day-Logo-560x254 Battle Planet - Judgement Day - PC (Steam) Review


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