Be Careful When You "Invite a Wolf Into the House" [Manhua]

With all the manga and manhwa going around it’s easy to forget that there are other sources where we can find interesting BL stories to read. Manhuas often go unnoticed, and we’re here to fix that.

Invite a Wolf Into the House is a sparkly manhua under the supernatural tag that follows the story of a big bad wolf and a hopeless vampire. If that isn’t appealing enough already, they’ll be raising a little wolf together. How cute is that?!

An Honest Mistake

When a package arrives with a note asking Bai Li to take care of a “very special radish,” he immediately asks the delivery man to throw it away. Convinced that his sister is trying to make him angry, the president of Bai Company doesn’t realize that his nephew, Luo Bo (radish in Chinese), is what’s inside the box. How was he supposed to know that?

Outside, next to a dumpster, a poor vampire is struggling to get by. Xia Xu is not like all the other vampires: he’s just half-vampire and half something else. That’s why he looks scrawny and doesn’t even have fangs. His life changes that day when he finds little Luo Bo inside the dumpster. At first, he tries to leave him behind since vampires and werewolves are not supposed to interact with each other, but Xia Xu soon gives up… Luo Bo is too cute! However, his peaceful life with the werewolf cub doesn’t last long. When Bai Li finds him, all hell breaks loose.

Invite a Vampire Into the House

Even though Bai Li just wants to take Luo Bo back home, the little kid wants nothing to do with his uncle. It seems like he has taken a liking to Xia Xu and he’s not ready to say goodbye. Bai Li has no other option than to take Xia Xu with him back to his house. It’s not like the vampire is in a position to complain: his house has been completely destroyed by Bai Li.

And so, this unlikely pair starts living under the same roof. Since vampires and werewolves should stay away from each other, Bai Li and Xia Xu have to be extremely careful not to get caught. While they are not very happy having to share a house, Luo Bo is over the moon with excitement. Bai Li can’t resist Luo Bo’s adorable face so he just allows Xia Xu to stay. He doesn’t want to make his nephew cry, but there is something else. Is he starting to feel something for that useless vampire?

Cuteness Overload

Invite a Wolf Into the House is a manhua with really cute art. The drawings are shiny and the characters are colorful and attractive. Bai Li is portrayed as a tall young man with white hair and black stripes under his eyes. Depending on how he’s feeling, a pair of white ears will appear at the top of his head. Luo Bo is one of the most charming little ones you’ll see in a BL story. He’s confident and his smile could light up a room. Unlike his uncle, he has brown hair and a pair of brown ears that are always showing.

Xia Xu doesn’t look like a vampire at all, except for his white skin. He’s tall and slim, with long purple hair and big round eyes. Even the side characters are attractive, especially Bai Li’s assistant. Who doesn’t like a handsome, intelligent man, wearing glasses? Unfortunately, Invite a Wolf Into the House is a Shounen Ai manhua, so we won’t be getting any spicy scenes between the characters. Not that we complain, though. Their innocent interactions are more than enough to keep us going!

Final Thoughts

The supernatural tag, when combined with BL, has a lot of potential, with interesting stories that will keep anyone hooked. Of course, a bit of drama here and there always adds to make a story more appealing. And when you add a little kid to the mix you have the perfect story.

Suddenly inviting a wolf into the house sounds like a good idea...

invite-a-wolf-into-the-house-splash Be Careful When You "Invite a Wolf Into the House" [Manhua]

Author: Yaz L.

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