Best Pistols to use in PUBG

PUBG-top-pistols-560x315 Best Pistols to use in PUBG


While the assault and sniper rifles tend to get their fair share of attention in PUBG, not a lot of fingers point towards perhaps one of more important early game tools and that’s the pistol. These little weapons are quintessential in every shooter and provide some early game advantage when you aren’t able to snag a powerful rifle or shotgun to protect yourself. Why players tend to avoid them in the beginning is a question that we ponder, but to keep you ahead of the pack we want to go over some of the top pistols in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to ensure you don’t end up empty handed in the safe zone. There are only 4 pistols in the game so the selection is quite minimal, so we’ll only cover what we think are the overall best for every scenario.


PUBG-top-pistols-560x315 Best Pistols to use in PUBG

The pistol category is split right down the middle and so it makes things a lot easier with regards to deciding the best picks for players to use. First up is the P1911 which is a very deadly pistol up close and has a relatively decent range to tag players from a good distance. Of course we don’t recommend that you use this to hit targets from hundreds of meters away but if they’re within the appropriate distance where you can see them clearly in front of you, then use this to get some damage. It’s base damage is at 35 making it a very strong close range threat and takes the very common .45 ACP ammo that works in both the Tommy Gun and the Vector. Where it lacks in bullet speed it makes up in sheer power allowing players to take out an enemy in 2 to 3 well placed shots to the head without a helmet. With a level 1 helmet it may require more shots, while level 2 and 3 may take the entire magazine which to be honest isn’t very big.

That brings us to the weaker points of the P1911 which is its magazine storage that only holds 7 bullets. This means you’ll need to be very quick with your shots but also very accurate because any missed shots will lead to a counter attack by the enemy. Thankfully the reload time isn’t as slow as the R1895 so you can find a place to hide and recoup, and if you’re lucky to grab one the extended quick draw magazine will be a wonderful addition. Having the extended magazine on gives you more bullets to work with allowing for a more consistent approach but if you can’t find one while running around, then you’ll need to practice aiming for the chest up to really maximize the potential of the P1911.


PUBG-top-pistols-560x315 Best Pistols to use in PUBG

Where the P1911 tends to fall behind on its bullet speed and body impact power, the R1895 aka the Revolver is the ultimate pistol you’ll ever need in PUBG. Equipping this gun is like having a mini shotgun in the palm of your hand because this thing has incredible fire power, at a base damage of 46, scoring higher than the M16A4 and on par with the AKM. That means whenever you’re in close range and can’t seem to pick up a shotgun then grabbing the R1895 is just as good. It takes the same ammunition as the AKM, Groza, Kar98, SKS and the list goes on. Do you see a pattern here though? All the guns we mentioned are arguably the best in the game regarding their class and so it should make all the more sense that the Revolver is an absolute threat in the right hands for CQC.

1 or 2 shots and you’re on the ground and it doesn’t really matter what type of armor you have on. Of course the higher you go it may take a little more effort but compared to the other pistols, a few well placed shots will have a level 3 armor melt right off. One thing that plagues the R1895 however is that it has the slowest reload speed out of all the pistols meaning that once you run out of ammo, you’d better scurry away to reload otherwise it may be lights out for you. With only 7 bullets in the chamber it shares the same fate as the P1911 but rest assured if you hit the target then those 7 will last a long time. Be wary though since it also has the slowest time between shots meaning that you can’t pull a Clint Eastwood on anyone doing quick fire, so when pulling the trigger be mindful of it’s turtle like speed (0.400s to be exact). You only have one attachment slot for the gun which is built only for the suppressor so if you want to act some James Bond in early game, then this gun is worth it.

Honey's Final Verdict:

While the other two pistols do come with their own perks they just don’t add up to the stopping power of the P1911 and the R1895. Both of these pistols can take out a couple enemies very quickly in the early game, which can buy you enough time to run around and grab a more suitable rifle. Don’t sleep on the pistols because despite their size they’re extremely powerful and even allow you to run quicker due to their lighter weight, so they’re very solid choices for those gunfights in the high traffic areas. We hope you found this to be insightful and perhaps will give you more reason to believe in the pistols early game because we assure you, they get the job done when needed. Be sure to follow us on and catch us playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, as we break down the game strategically and provide tactical tips in order to help improve your game. Until next time, keep leveling up your game!

PUBG-top-pistols-560x315 Best Pistols to use in PUBG
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PUBG-top-pistols-560x315 Best Pistols to use in PUBG
I almost always grab a pistol even when grabbing the more sophisticated tools, just in case I need some close range kills late gate.