Biting the Tiger - Is a Relationship Between a Mythical Creature and a Human Possible?

In the world of manhwa and manga, it’s not unusual to see a couple where one of the partners is not precisely human. Although it looks simple, people in a relationship like this have to go through all kinds of troubles to be with the one they love… well, just like any other regular couple, to be fair. The characters in Biting The Tiger are no exception to this, and they certainly won’t have it easy. How long will it take for Yunho and Hanwool to end together and have a happy ending? Is that even possible?!

A Protagonist With a Tragic Past

We all know that a story can’t progress if there’s no drama in it and, more often than not, this drama comes from the protagonist’s past. Be it an accident, a broken heart, or even money problems, the protagonist will be constantly reminded of their trauma; in Yunho’s case, it’s a terrible car accident. When he was in middle school, his parents and his younger brother died, leaving him behind and severely traumatized. As the only survivor, Yunho feels guilty and spends his days as a lone wolf, unable to socialize with any of his classmates.

That’s until Kyung-hoon approaches him and invites Yunho to join him and his friends. Yunho feels immediately attracted to Kyung-hoo due to his bright personality and geeky looks, so he opens up to him and tells him about his family and the accident. Kyung-hoo surprises Yunho when he tells him a secret too: Kyung-hoo can see ghosts because his grandmother used to be a shaman! As time goes by, Yunho’s crush on Kyung-hoo grows, but even after ten years, he’s not ready to confess… Yunho realizes he’s been waiting for too long when an unknown boy gets in the way of his one-sided love.

A Rival… And a New Love Interest?!

Things were already difficult before when Yunho had to sit next to Kyung-hoo and keep his feelings to himself, but with the arrival of a new person to Kyung-hoo’s life, things get more complicated. To Yunho’s surprise, Kyung-hoo tells him that he likes men and that there’s a special someone that he’d like to impress. Trying to stay optimistic, Yunho decides to help Kyung-hoo with the idea of scaring this mysterious person away.

After meeting Naroo, a bright and cheerful young man, Yunho quickly realizes that he can’t sabotage Naroo’s relationship with Kyung-hoo. Defeated, he’s about to leave the house when another man arrives. Needless to say, he’s Yunho’s type! Tall, slim, with a handsome face and a deep voice; everything that Yunho has always wanted... and more. Sadly, Hanwool is a cold beauty and he’s just not interested in Yunho at all, going as far as to avoid him whenever he can. What exactly is his problem? Could this be a case of tsundere behavior?

It Was Always Meant to Be

There’s something about Yunho that keeps Hanwool on his toes. He doesn’t look familiar, but there’s a smell coming from him that reminds Hanwool of someone from his past. Hanwool is an oblivious tiger, so it takes him some time to realize that Yunho is the reincarnation of a butterfly who used to follow him around hundreds of years ago. After learning this, Hanwool stops playing hard to get and starts to approach Yunho more and more.

At first, Yunho finds Hanwool’s attitude a bit suspicious, but he gets used to it pretty quickly. After all, having such a handsome man around is a refreshing experience! But then, Yunho begins to have doubts: what if Hanwool likes him just because he’s the reincarnation of that butterfly? Is their love really that strong? Once all these doubts enter his mind, it’s really hard for Yunho to shake them off. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but it was fate that brought them together after so many years, so we’re sure they’ll make it work… or at least we hope so!

Final Thoughts

Some relationships have more flow than others; it’s easier for some couples to make it work, while some others might struggle a little bit more. In Yunho and Hanwool’s case, they need to be patient and communicate if they want to make it work. But, at the end of the day, a relationship between a mythical creature and a human is possible. They just need to believe and not give up halfway through!

biting-the-tiger-key Biting the Tiger - Is a Relationship Between a Mythical Creature and a Human Possible?

Author: Yaz L.

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