Blasters of the Universe- PSVR Review

Prove yourself in the virtual world

  • System: PC, PSVR
  • Developer: Secret Location
  • Publisher: Archiact, Secret Location
  • Release Date: Feb 27, 2018

Who it Caters to

Do you want an immersive PSVR game that will make you get up off the couch and move around? Equally, are you looking for a PSVR game that will test your gaming skills? Then you’re in luck with Blasters of the Universe. Acting as a bullet hell shooter, Blasters of the Universe will test your skills as you engage in a world where bullets fly from everywhere. If you ever hated easy PSVR games then you’ll be happy to know Blasters of the Universe is far from easy. Blasters of the Universe aims to show you that VR games can be fun but equally extremely hard.

What to Expect

Blasters of the Universe is a PSVR bullet hell game that tests you in ways no other VR game has ever before. Dodge bullets, enemies and lasers as you fire back and hope to survive. Engage in one of several missions or go into an infinite mode to see how long you can survive against Alwyn’s forces. Blasters of the Universe will make you get up out of your seat and move about to prove your VR skills. If you need a bullet hell game in the VR world then you’re going to enjoy Blasters of the Universe.


A young man who seemed to be the best of the best in the world of the arcade has found himself undefeatable by anyone. When the arcade he frequents gets a VR gaming system, the man finds himself teleported inside the world and becomes an overlord known as Alwyn within. Now as a supreme being within this digital world, he has come to welcome anyone who dares challenges his skills. You are a young blaster aiming to dethrone Alwyn. Get ready for Alwyn’s army of alien-like beings in Blasters of the Universe!


Already in 2018, there seems to be a slew of awesome PSVR games coming out such as Bravo Team and Blood & Truth. Though one game we were pretty intrigued by was a PC original release called Blasters of the Universe. Originally released in 2017, Blasters of the Universe was touted as a bullet hell VR game and a fan of bullet hell games came forth here at Honey’s Anime HQ. After having played Blasters of the Universe, we now have some things to say about this bullet hell title. Here is our review of Blasters of the Universe for the PSVR.

Blasters of the Universe is a simple game to explain. Players assume the role of a Blaster who is trying to defeat Alwyn within his VR world. To do this you will need to survive waves of enemies per each chapter and then fight against one of several bosses. While you at first might only see several levels available, once you get to the main menu—seriously, Blasters of the Universe seems deceptively short—you will soon understand why Blasters of the Universe doesn’t need a lot of levels. We won’t sugarcoat it folks, Blasters of the Universe is one tough game.

The main crux of Blasters of the Universe has you shooting various enemies with different guns and attachments—which unlock the more you play—to kill Alwyn’s forces. That seems easy enough, but Alwyn’s force won’t just be standing targets. They fire back and not with singular shots but with waves of bullets and lasers. Add to that a multitude of enemies who do that as well and you’ll quickly understand why Blasters of the Universe is a bullet hell game. Blasters of the Universe isn’t a game you sit down on a sofa or chair while playing; you will need to stand up and move around…a lot! While we here at Honey’s Anime aren’t strangers to more action orientated PSVR games, Blasters of the Universe made us sweat and ache while playing. This isn’t a bad thing though as we always like making full use of PSVR but we sometimes ran into issues because of the cords for PSVR. Make sure you set up plenty of open space while playing Blasters of the Universe otherwise you might slam into things which may or may not have happened while we were playing.

Everything in Blasters of the Universe works well. The guns are pretty accurate and when you hit an enemy—or an enemy hits your character—you feel like it was your fault for not moving or using your shield. Blasters of the Universe is a truly immersive PSVR game and only during extreme moments of action or movement do you see the occasional out of play warning or have a slight calibration issue. For the most part, Blasters of the Universe works better than a lot of PSVR games and we loved that.

Graphically and musically, Blasters of the Universe is truly awesome. Blaster of the Universe aims to be like a 90s themed movie or story with VHS like visuals and truly classic themes—like arcades and coin-op—which is also how the music sounds. Retro games seem to be releasing more and more as of the last few years we noticed. Yet, Blasters of the Universe gets a pass as it makes the retro theme work quite well. Even after seeing the opening cutscene several times, we rarely skipped it as it just feels epic in Blasters of the Universe.

Now we already talked about a few issues with Blasters of the Universe—which to be fair aren’t that big of issues—but we did have a few technical issues while playing Blasters of the Universe. Often while playing, we would have enemies get stuck behind objects and take up to a minute or more to finally jump over it and come out into the open. This might seem like a gamplay mechanic but when you can’t hit the enemy and they can’t hit you, you begin to realize it’s actually a technical issue. We also noticed quite often that Blasters of the Universe would lag slightly when a lot of enemies or bullets would appear on screen. It doesn’t always happen but we ran into this issue several times and while it won’t get you killed, it is slightly annoying. Good news though, we didn’t get motion sickness while playing Blasters of the Universe and we played sometimes for an hour or more straight, though our trigger fingers would hurt…as well as our muscles from moving so much.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Blasters of the Universe is hard, stressful even, but amazing to play. The bullet hell gameplay of Blasters of the Universe will test your VR skills and you better prepare to move and react while playing. This at times can be quite difficult seeing as how the PSVR sometimes can be hard to move around and a few times we even unplugged the headset due to us moving around so much to avoid bullets and enemy fire. Blasters of the Universe is a lot of fun and while it stutters sometimes when the action gets a bit too heavy, it’s never enough to detract from the game itself. We fully recommend Blasters of the Universe if you want a tough but fun PSVR game. Just don’t be expecting to be a master of Blasters of the Universe as soon as you play. Just like older arcade games, Blasters of the Universe will be a game you will get better playing as you practice and learn how to move properly using the PSVR.

Honey's Pros:

  • Extremely tough but fun gameplay
  • Impressive retro visuals
  • Awesome music
  • Simple controls
  • One of the more immersive PSVR games

Honey's Cons:

  • Be prepared to be very active as you will need to move around a lot
  • Can stutter when action gets too intense
  • Slightly limited by the cords of the PSVR
  • Enemies can sometimes get stuck behind object or won’t move at all

Honey's Final Verdict:

Here at Honey’s Anime, we always love bullet hell games and that’s why we really enjoyed Blasters of the Universe. Similar to SuperHot VR, Blasters of the Universe makes the player move and react which not all VR games do well. We hope there are some updates to Blasters of the Universe to fix some of the stuttering issues during the game as well as the enemies getting trapped in the level environment. However, none of those issues stop Blasters of the Universe from being enjoyable and if you want a fun but insanely tough PSVR game then you will want to download this. What are your thoughts on Blasters of the Universe? Tell us down below and for all your gaming reviews, news and article needs be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.


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