Bankrobbers or Bloody Survival? Bloodivores Updated with Three Epsiode Impression!

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Action, Thriller, Vampire

Airing Date:
October 1, 2016

Creators in Pack Inc.

Honey’s Highlights

bee-angry1 Bankrobbers or Bloody Survival? Bloodivores Updated with Three Epsiode Impression!
Huh.... Weird.... So it's like... Vampires... with apparently bank robbers and childhood friends? What is this? Damaged goods: The vampire orphanage? Who wrote the story and characters?! They are clearly a noob at the creative process.
bee-angry1 Bankrobbers or Bloody Survival? Bloodivores Updated with Three Epsiode Impression!
Oh Bee-kun you speak as if you are an expert yourself. Hmm.... it seems this is another anime from China. Recently Chinese source anime has been on the rise. We just had Hitori no Shita The Outcast and Reikenzan in January 2016.
bee-angry1 Bankrobbers or Bloody Survival? Bloodivores Updated with Three Epsiode Impression!
This season aka Fall 2016 has a lot though! We have Cheating Craft, To Be HERO, and Soul Buster. They are all over the place genre-wise, but hold promise! I just hope the story for Bloodivores is done well.
bee-angry1 Bankrobbers or Bloody Survival? Bloodivores Updated with Three Epsiode Impression!
Should they be able to tie this all up, it could end up being like Hellsing Ultimate meets 91 Days maybe? Crime and Vampires? I'm down!

Promotional Videos / PV

Chinese PV:


60 years ago, a never before seen case of Insomnia plagued the earth. Unable to sleep, humanity gradually collapsed in insanity. Suicides and massive acts of violence became commonplace and society faced a very large problem. New drugs were rolled out to fight this “insomnia” and for a moment, it seemed as if everyone was finally placated. However, not all was as it seemed because there was a side effect to that medicine! Two billion people suddenly were affected. Via this new medicine, a new type of lifeform was given birth; vampires.

Through this, a war between humanity and vampires broke out. Eventually humans believed that they were victorious but some vampires lived and existed within their world.

Humanity then set to work creating synthetic blood and established a vampire control system called D-GPS. Through this they are able to guarantee the existence of the vampires.

The stage of this tale is set in modern everyday life where humans and vampires occupy the same world.

Three Episode Impression

There is a lot to say about this show. The first few being who, what, where, why, and when. The original plot was introduced as some sort of post-apocalyptic vampire and human society who are supposedly bank robbers. However, that actual plot line ends about 3/4ths of the way through the first episode. Suddenly, we are now looking at a Battle Royale type setup where all the villains of the world have to fight to survive against alien-like creatures? This is where the five question words come in as we try as viewers to come to grips with what the story is and who is relevant. There is next to no explanation and you sort of hit the ground running. Looking at how Bloodivores has gone so far, we are either going to be looking at a winner of the season or a complete and utter failure. It’s too early to call it yet, but it would be great to see the main characters get out of the building that they have been running in for three episodes.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Mi Liu

Voice Actor: Kenji Akabane

Age: 17
Height 170cm
Mi has a calm, clear mind and is level-headed. He does not express his feelings often, but he does have an immature side that likes to peek out from time to time. During the time of humans and vampires, Mi is the first half-vampire to have ever been born. Heralded as the ‘child of peace’, he has the power to sway the minds of the people.


Voice Actor: Eri Kitamura

Age: 17
Height: 162cm
Anji is Mi’s childhood friend. Kind to anyone that she comes into contact with, however she also unabashedly speaks her mind. In the crisis of the orphanage, she asks herself what can she do? So, she decides to become a bank robber.

Fong Chen

Voice Actor: Mitsuhiro Ichiki

Age: 20
Height: 181cm
Fang is another of Mi’s Childhood friends. Hot-blooded and emotional, he takes on the role of an older brother to his childhood friends and worries about them all. With the orphanage crisis ongoing, Fang plots with Zhao to attack a gas station in order to help save the orphanage. Then in comes Mi with his plan to become a bank robber, and this persuades Fang to join when he realizes the bank robber job is a bit more realistic. He secretly has feelings for Anji.

Zhao When

Voice Actor: Shouhei Yamaguchi

Age: 18
Height: 179cm
Zhao is yet another of the childhood friends of Mi. Frank, he is the type to quickly express himself. In order to protect himself, he hurts others. He was in the same orphanage as Chen but due to the fact that there was an orphanage crisis, he has also decided to become a bank robber.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Yu Wo Gongming -NENTEN - by Mili
  • Ending Song: Quiet Squall by siraph
Web Manhua

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Bai Xiao
  • Director: Chen Ye, Masashi Nakamura
  • Editing: Takahisa Ishida
  • Art Director: Yoshimi Umino
  • Photography Director: Minori Kimura
  • CG Director: Takeshi Saitou

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