"Blue Reflection Ray" Releases "Blue" and "Rouge" PVs Featuring OP and ED Themes!

Blue Reflection Ray

Magic, School

Airing Date:
Spring 2021


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This is a story about glittering feelings...

Happiness, sadness, anger... These are powerful feelings that all humans feel, yet are invisible to the naked eye. However, these are exactly the feelings that might change the world one day.

Hiori Hirahara is a girl who is positive and always ends up wanting to help people in need. Ruka Hanari is the opposite, she doesn’t know how to get along with people and is more awkward than anything. When these two girls meet, they have no idea that their meeting will end up changing not just themselves, but the entire world...

This anime is a new project based on the game “BLUE REFLECTION” by Koei Tecmo, released in 2017.

A new world is starting...

Characters & Voice Actors

Hiori Hirahara: Manaka Iwami

Hiori is a cheerful, energetic girl who can befriend anyone. If she sees someone in trouble, she always wants to help and she has a tendency to act before thinking things through. She treasures her older sister a lot.

Ruka Hanari: Haruka Chisuga

Ruka transfers schools and ends up in Hiori’s class. She’s very quiet and awkward when interacting with people, which makes people think she’s a lone wolf. However, her true feelings are of wanting to change herself.

Momo Tanabe: Yuka Takakura

Momo is 18 years old, one year older than Hiori and Ruka. She retook a year in high school twice, but ended up dropping out and is now working part-time jobs. In the past she was quite the rebel, but these days she seems to have calmed down. However, sometimes her old habits show in her language or attitude. She’s good at taking care of people and they frequently come to rely on her.

Miyako Shirakaba: Hitomi Owada

Miyako is one of Hiroi’s and Ruka’s classmates. Her family is very rich so people are often jealous of her, but she has struggles that she can’t tell anyone about. She’s quite strong-willed and often says things bluntly, which gives people a harsh impression of her.

Mio Hirahara: Rena Ueda

Mio is Hiori’s older sister. The two girls lost their father at an early age and have been living on their own ever since their mother went missing five years ago. The only family that Mio has left now is Hiori, so she puts the well-being of her younger sister above everything else. To Hiori, Mio is like a kind parent who is always there to support her.

Nina Yamada: Nina Tamaki

Nina is a young girl who ran away from home. She wanders around the city in despair with no place to go and ends up meeting Mio. After their encounter, Nina decides to live her life for Mio and henceforth calls her “sister.” Having led a long, hard life, she is straightforward and impulsive, and uses rough language when talking to everyone except Mio.

Uta Komagawa: Rui Tanabe

Uta is an eccentric girl who does things at her own pace and always seems to be in her own world. She believes that pain is what truly makes you feel alive, so she is always seeking out physical and mental pain. She provokes others on purpose by egging them on so that they use violence or abusive language towards her.

Shino Mizusaki: Shiori Izawa

Shino is chronically ill and often unable to go outside. Mio takes good care of her, so Shino looks up to her as a sister. She is a mysterious girl who looks much younger than she should for her age.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "DiViNE" by EXiNA
  • Ending Song: "Saishin" by ACCAMER
"BLUE REFLECTION Maboroshi ni Mau Shoujo no Tsurugi" (Game)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Koeitecmogames
  • Director: Risako Yoshida
  • Series Composition: Akiko Waba
  • Character Design: Kouichi Kikuta
  • Sound Director: Miwa Iwanami
  • Original Illustrator: Meru Kishida
  • Music: Daisuke Shinoda

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