BL/Yaoi Moments in 07-Ghost [Best Scenes]

Aired in Summer 2009, 07-Ghost is an adaptation of a manga with the same title by Amemiya Yuki and Ichihara Yukino. The fact that its demographic aim was geared towards women, at first, would make some people tilt their head in confusion, considering 07-Ghost’s genre is a crossing between military and fantasy, with a lot of shounen-like battles thrown in especially in the anime. But here is a reason why: there is nothing that’s more blown up in 07-Ghost like its bromance relationship—it’s a shipping paradise for those who like their anime with some dash of BL hints!

The anime only covered the early chapters of the manga and sadly doesn’t have a second season—which is a shame, because 07-Ghost is definitely one of Studio DEEN’s most enjoyable anime to watch. Here are ten selections of BL-hinted moments in 07-Ghost; some of which, for your information, is really not subtle at all. But for now, let’s go back to the very first episode and trace the scenes that lacks subtlety in its BL hints.

Moment #1: A promise to die together (Episode 1)

The whole episode one, basically, is dedicated to establish how important Mikage and Teito are to one another. As the two prepared for the graduation exam, it was clear that they were inseparable, and that Mikage was Teito’s only friend, considering how sulky and cold Teito was to people. All of that, though, pales in comparison to the night before their graduation exam, where Teito was being honest for once and thanking Mikage for being the one who taught him what it might have felt to have a family, to which Mikage responded with tears and stating a promise: They will never abandon one another in the battlefield. If the gods permit it, they will die together.

Teito welcomes the vow and bumps their fists together.

Not stopping there, the Mikage/Teito hints continues all throughout the episode; on the night after they both passed the graduation exam, after their short conversation about how terrifying Ayanami was, Mikage climbed over the top bunk of their beds and decided to sleep together with Teito—to which Teito only half-heartedly complained. So they shared the bed—a bunk bed, mind you, which is obviously tiny for two teenage boys.

Good things don’t last forever though. Episode one ends with Teito having to run away from the academy, and of course, Mikage came to help, even if Teito didn’t wish to involve him in this. Hand-in-hand, illuminated by the moonlight, the two tore through the hallways to where Mikage had prepared a Hawkzile for Teito to get out, and through everything, Teito could only make one wish: God, if you’re really there, please protect Mikage.

Moment #2: Follow the path of light (Episode 5)

Finding a sanctuary in the Seventh District Church after the Bishops saved him from falling to his death, Teito brooded as he contemplated his rediscovered memories, what he should do next, whether he was endangering the entire church by staying, and how Mikage was doing. Shockingly, as Teito entertained the thought of leaving the church, it was Mikage himself who suddenly appeared before him, safe and sound even if he looked extremely tired. Ecstatic to find Teito, though, Mikage literally threw himself forward and hugged Teito tight in a true shoujo-style. Amusingly enough, in the manga, this little scene is followed by a little panel of Frau commenting, “Is that his boyfriend?”

This is where you should have your tissues ready, though, because all throughout the episode, we could see that Mikage is not okay. Labrador even remarked that he was “the one who would destroy Teito’s world.” Teito, on the other hand, was simply worried about what Mikage must have gone through ever since they were separated, to which Mikage only give dismissive answers.

The highlight of the episode though, is the night they spent together, where Teito decided to tell Mikage everything—the memories he’d rediscovered, his status as a Raggs Prince, and how his father was killed by Ayanami. Mikage, reassuring that he believed Teito, then crossed the space between their beds and put his hands on Teito’s shoulders, and told him the words that would later be the starting point of Teito’s entire journey: Don’t take revenge. Follow the path of light.

Dumbfounded, Teito’s eyes were clearly scared afterwards—Mikage’s words, to him, sounded like a goodbye.

Moment #3: I love you, Teito (Episode 8)

Make sure you have your tissues ready for this scene. What began with a peaceful scene of Teito and Mikage hanging out in the garden and looking a lot like they were on a date, quickly spiraled down to one of the most painful scenes in the anime, beginning with Teito noticing how cold Mikage’s hand was when he took his hand to help him up. And in the background, ominously, Labrador murmured about how Mikage only had half of his soul now, and he would soon disappear.

Unknown to anyone else, Mikage had been branded with Ayanami’s curse, the other half of his soul had been taken hostage as he was forced to choose between bringing his younger sister or Teito in front of Ayanami. If he couldn’t choose, Mikage would die. Faced with such a choice, Mikage held on until the last of his soul remained, and when he couldn’t anymore, he made his last request to Teito: Kill him, before Ayanami take over his body and kill Teito himself.

Shocked and appalled, Teito absolutely refused to do so. Resigned to his fate, Mikage stares at Teito sadly and says, “I love you, Teito,” using the word “suki”, which was quite often used between friends. Much later, though, Labrador rectified this, saying that Mikage did everything because Mikage loved Teito, this time using the word “aishiteimashita”, which signifies a deeper love usually used for family and actual lovers.

And so, for the last time, Mikage tells Teito, “Goodbye.”

Moment #4: Goodbye (Episode 9)

What is the most heartbreaking scene in the anime might as well be the most intimate and the most beautiful Mikage/Teito scene in the entire series. In the midst of Teito’s battle with Ayanami, who had taken over Mikage’s body completely, Frau arrived as Zehel, intent to protect Teito and save Mikage, and managed to trap Ayanami inches away from his scythe. Teito, who had just released the Eye of Mikhail and only had just come back to himself, scrambled over to Zehel and begged him to save Mikage, only for Ayanami to taunt him before pushing the scythe through Mikage’s body, effectively slaying what was left of Mikage’s soul.

Not knowing this, Teito saw that Mikage was back—smiling towards him, and he ran. Reminded of their promise to die together, Teito threw himself into Mikage’s waiting arms, and the two embraced in the midst of blinding light and bursts of feathers. Mikage smiled, heartbreakingly wide and bright, and for a moment, Teito smiled, too, caling Mikage’s name with a voice filled with hope.

Except that was Mikage’s last smile, and he disappeared into the light in Teito’s arms. Teito was broken completely, and the audience were given a glimpse of their days in military school together, adding salt to the wound as Teito was shown curled up in bed clutching Mikage’s uniform jacket, his last thought reverberating in the scene: “Mikage was my light.”

Moment #5: Picking up the pieces (Episode 9)

Throughout the heartbreak of Mikage’s death, on his own unique way, Frau stayed by Teito’s side. He picked up Teito, bridal-style, back to his room after the battle that took Mikage’s life, listened to Teito’s recounting of his and Mikage’s history together, and was also the person who broke through the door to make Teito eat when the other bishops and sisters were hesitating in front of Teito’s door. He comforted Teito, telling him the legend of the Chief of Heaven and how each human was given three wishes, and when those wishes had all been granted, said human had to go back to the Chief of Heaven.

But ultimately, it was Frau who brought a Fyulong dragon for Teito—a tiny pink bundle of fur with a scar in the shape of an X that turns out to be Mikage’s reincarnation. Frau had, apparently, looked very hard for Mikage’s reincarnation—“like he was dying,” or so Labrador remarked—for Teito’s sake.

Of course, Frau being Frau, he completely breaks the touching moment by accidentally letting the contract collar Ayanami had put on Teito bit his finger and, consequently, making a contract and becoming Teito’s Master—if they don’t meet for the whole 48 hours, the collar would explode. If you haven’t been snorting at the unsubtle BL hints before this, you would probably be snorting hard enough to choke on air by now. Even the reborn Mikage was clearly jealous of this, openly biting Frau and trying to fry him with the tiny fireball from his mouth. Cute.

Moment #6 Once more, by your side (Episode 9)

Speaking of the cute baby Fyulong dragon Frau brought back for Teito—this tiny, pink ball of fur that later becomes the mascot for the series itself is Mikage’s reincarnation, widely known amongst fans more as Burupya rather than his namesake. Despite its cuteness and how it could only say “Burupya!” most of the times, its arrival was ironically making the scene even more painful, as the audience was shown how angry and pained Teito was after Mikage’s death.

Refusing Frau’s words of comfort and cursing the gods for not saving Mikage, Teito was snapped out of his grief by the tiny Fyulong dragon resting in his hands, and Frau’s words of, “He’s already back by your side.” He notices the x-shaped scar that Burupya has, and begins calling it Mikage, letting the baby dragon lick away his tears as he breaks down completely, and Castor remarked that for sure, Mikage is saying that from now on too, he’ll be by Teito’s side, facing happiness and sadness together. Over Teito’s shoulder, the shadow of Mikage appeared, hands circling Teito’s head in a protective, fond gesture.

But ultimately, it was Frau who brought a Fyulong dragon for Teito—a tiny pink bundle of fur with a scar in the shape of an X that turns out to be Mikage’s reincarnation. Frau had, apparently, looked very hard for Mikage’s reincarnation—“like he was dying,” or so Labrador remarked—for Teito’s sake.

Of course, Frau being Frau, he completely breaks the touching moment by accidentally letting the contract collar Ayanami had put on Teito bit his finger and, consequently, making a contract and becoming Teito’s Master—if they don’t meet for the whole 48 hours, the collar would explode. If you haven’t been snorting at the unsubtle BL hints before this, you would probably be snorting hard enough to choke on air by now. Even the reborn Mikage was clearly jealous of this, openly biting Frau and trying to fry him with the tiny fireball from his mouth. Cute.

Moment #7: Friends (Episode 14 & 19)

The presence of Hakuren Oak, Teito’s partner in the Bishop Examination he’d decided to take for Mikage’s sake, was in a lot of ways filling the hole that Mikage left. Not to mention that Burupya obviously approved of his and Teito’s friendship. After bits of Hakuren and Teito slowly discovering things about one another—Hakuren accidentally finding out that Teito was a former sklave, and Teito realizing that Hakuren isn’t just a haughty noble kid—they became closer and, after a particular attack by a Wars, Hakuren finally offered a hand in friendship.

Teito, terrified that he would not be able to protect Hakuren and would lose him the way he did Mikage, refused. Later though, as they walked together, Teito told Hakuren that he’d become stronger, and when he was strong enough to protect Hakuren, he’d like to be Hakuren’s friend. To this, Hakuren called him an idiot, and hid a fond smile.

But it doesn’t end there. As both Hakuren and Teito got involved in the incident with the Arch Bishop Bastian, in which Teito was badly injured and was only saved by the release of the Eye of Mikhail and Zehel’s timely intervention, Hakuren had to face the Eye of Mikhail directly as Teito remained unconscious. Even knowing Teito’s complicated situation, Hakuren didn’t hesitate to state that he’s on Teito’s side. Upon opening his eyes to see Hakuren for the first time after the battle, Teito throws himself forward and hugs Hakuren tight, relieved that Hakuren is okay.

The touching heart-to-heart conversation that followed was another proof that they’ve become very good friends in the short time they’d spent together—very good friends that, perhaps, could grow into something more.

Moment #8: What is important (Episodes 19 & 20)

“Dying isn’t so bad, as long as it was by your hands,” is the comment Frau made to Teito when he joined the battle with the Arch Bishop Bastian. Furious by Frau’s making light of his own life and death situation, the first thing Teito does upon seeing him after regaining consciousness is punching him in the face.

And then proceeded to climb on top of Frau, and yelled about how stupid and selfish Frau was—because he was the one who told Teito to keep living on after Mikage’s death. Driven to tears at the idea of taking Frau’s life away, Teito told him to go die by his own hands if Frau wanted to die. Frau, as usual, refused to be honest when it came to Teito. Instead, he lightly answered that he liked Teito’s soul, and thus he wouldn’t mind if Teito killed him, causing Teito to blush adorably before running away.

Later, though, when Frau went to save Teito and Hakuren from Ayanami, he chose to catch a falling Teito with his Hawkzile instead of the Eye of Mikhail. Teito, furious for being unable to avenge Mikage and now losing the Eye of Mikhail as well, yelled at Frau for not catching the Eye of Mikhail, and Frau pulled him close, pressed Teito into his arms and told him that he knew what is important to him, and it wasn’t the Eye of Mikhail. This was only the beginning of Frau and Teito’s growing close relationship—in which the manga elaborates much better and in detail, as they later embarked in a journey together to unveil all the mysteries surrounding Barsburg and Raggs, as well as the story behind 07-Ghosts.

Moment #9: I’m glad you’re okay (Episodes 20 & 25)

Having been taken alongside Teito by Ayanami, Hakuren was saved Frau. Once they all landed their Hawkziles safely, Hakuren ran over to where Teito was, worried about his friend’s safety. Teito, still upset about his failure to avenge Mikage and losing the Eye of Mikhail, spoke words that belittle himself, but Hakuren instead throws his arms around Teito and hugged him in relief, and said, “I am glad you’re okay.”

The words brought a smile upon Teito’s lips.

Hakuren and Teito then proceeded to go through their Bishop Examination together, being partners throughout the whole exam and passed the exam together. At the very end when the exam, the imperial army invaded the church, which prompted Frau to take Teito and run away. On their way out, they bumped into Hakuren, relying the news to Teito that he passed the exam, and promised Teito that he’d get stronger so Teito could share his burden with him one day. All Teito could think was how blinding Hakuren was, and he promised to tell Hakuren everything one day. The two joined hands, a symbol of a promised made, and Hakuren told Teito to go.

Moment #10: See you later (Episode 25)

Riding on the back of Frau’s Hawkzile through the secret passageway out of the church, Teito found himself considering his whole journey and where he stood now; the things he’d lost and the things he’d gain, as he’d later state to Frau. If he hadn’t met Mikage, if Frau hadn’t taken him in, if he hadn’t met everyone in the church—and those questions were halted, at the moment, where a shadow of a pale hand reached and took Teito’s own, holding tight, and Teito looked up to see Mikage, pulling him forward.

Telling Teito to go forward to where Teito’s precious place was, Mikage smiled encouragingly. To the Mikage who was always by his side, Teito blinked away the sad smile that he had, and replaced them with determination.

With firm smiles on their faces, the two told each other, “See you later.”

Even though Mikage was dead, and was reborn as Burupya, along the course of the series that continues in the manga, Mikage remained a strong presence and reason for Teito to continue moving forward. As was stated later in the manga, Teito thought to Mikage that if he’d gather up his life, then maybe he could become a light that reach Mikage—proving that even as time passed, Teito’s feelings for Mikage did not weaken.


07-Ghost gives beautiful relationships between its characters that would easily both melt as well as break your heart, especially if you end up shipping Mikage and Teito. They’re not the only ones, though—Teito has his own share of questionable skinship and/or intimacy with other characters as well, such as Bishop Frau and Hakuren Oak. The manga explores these relationships further, and showed how each of them developed Teito’s character and would later shaped him into the person who was able to make a grave decision that would change the whole world by the end of the manga.

The unsubtle BL hints that 07-Ghost has will definitely add to the enjoyment of people who likes such genre. If you’ve seen 07-Ghost and found your ship, which one do you stand by with? Let us know!

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