Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Chapter 221 Manga Review

Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Review

Our Evil Doctor
  • Mangaka : Horikoshi, Kouhei
  • Publisher : Shonen Jump
  • Genre : ction, Comedy, School, Shounen, Super Power
  • Published : March 24, 2019

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Chapter 221 of Boku no Hero Academia had our league getting whipped hard by Gigantomachia regardless of what tricks they pulled. Meanwhile, our strange doctor talked in the background basically telling them they had no chance. While we first thought someone would come in and save the day, we found ourselves laughing as Himiko Toga began spewing out a strange black goo that engulfed our villains and brought them straight to the evil doctor’s lab filled with a familiar threat…Nomu! After some dialogue that showed the doctor’s appreciation for All for One, we then learn that these new Nomu aren’t just your run of the mill mindless beasts we’ve seen in the past. These Nomu are perfected and he’s not willing to give Tomura Shigaraki the amped up beasts without proof that they won’t be wasted. Our chapter wraps up with the doctor assuming that Tomura has something to prove said comment but we’re left in the dark as to what that is. Chapter 221 wasn’t that bad, but equally, we have one problem with it. Let’s discuss the good elements first and then move to our one negative.

Why You Should Read Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Chapter 221

1. Gigantomachia is No Joke!

We commented in the last chapter review that Gigantomachia is awesome, but darn, he might be cooler than we anticipated. Even with Dabi and the gang attacking, this behemoth kept on moving as if laughing at their weakness. Had the doctor not stepped in with his teleportation goo, we think our league might have some major issues with not being banged up. Gigantomachia is impressing us as a villain and we can’t wait to see him go against the might of Deku, Shota and Bakugo eventually!

2. Evil Doctor’s Visit

Our evil doctor intrigues us here at Honey’s Anime. Not only did he help the League of Villains for no reason but he refuses to let them see his face up close and won’t give them the Nomu—more on that in a second—without cause. The doctor screams evil and we want to see what else he can concoct for our villains later if he so chooses to assist them.

Why You Should Skip Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Chapter 221

1. More Nomu?

We get that the Nomu have been a big element of Boku no Hero Academia but seriously…more of them?! There’s an obvious theme to most super hero or sentai-themed works but that doesn’t mean this theme needs to be seen in Boku no Hero Academia. As thrilling as Super-Nomu sounds, the doctor’s argument about how perfected they are doesn’t entice us that much if we’re being honest. Now if these Nomu are All Might level, maybe then we can see some beauty in their introduction.

Final Thoughts

Chapter 221 wasn’t a beast of a chapter like 220 was, but it gives us a few no threats for our heroes to face in later chapters. More Nomu doesn’t particularly excite us, yet we always have faith in Boku no Hero Academia to get things done right. What are your thoughts on this latest chapter of Boku no Hero Academia? Comment below to discuss your thoughts and share some Boku no Hero Academia love! For all your manga reviews and anime themed articles, be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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