Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Chapter 246 Manga Review

The Future of Quirks
  • Mangaka : Horikoshi, Kouhei
  • Publisher : Shonen Jump
  • Genre : Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Super Power
  • Published : October 11, 2019

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

The doctor in chapter 246 of Boku no Hero Academia brought up a good point. All for One was a powerhouse with his ability to not only use one Quirk but several. In hindsight, as Tomura’s power has clearly grown—now he’s able to destroy all those connected to what he touches—we saw other villains and heroes have their Quirks advance as well! The future of Quirks seems to be a scary one where more people will get different versions of Quirks that could become even stronger and deadlier than the past generations. Beyond even that realization, the doctor seems to have a plan to enhance Tomura—albeit through a grueling process—that can be done in four months! This possible threat to the world could be devastating and we might see Tomura becoming even more powerful than his master All for One!!! Meanwhile, our training heroes are all under the careful tutoring of various pro-heroes and agencies with their skills only increasing as well. As we hear at the end though, will the next season bring more joy to our heroes or will something sinister be in store for them? We have eight days to wait for the next Boku no Hero Academia chapter, but till then, let’s dive into some great reasons why you need to check out Boku no Hero Academia chapter 246!

Why You Should Read Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Chapter 246

1. Tomura is Going to Evolve!?

Our evil doctor seems to have some plans in store for Tomura that he didn’t get to activate on All for One. Apparently, after 4 months of testing, Tomura will gain an even stronger version of himself! What will this version of decay look like? Tomura Shigaraki has always been a true threat, but in four months, he might be comparable to All for One…

2. Hero Training Continues!

Despite what possibly awaits our young heroes, their training must continue forward! With time running out, our pro-heroes will need to truly take their young heroes and mold them into pros themselves. Can Endeavor bite back his pride and truly reign in heroes like Bakugo? Their training is truly beginning and we can’t wait to see what challenges they will face!

Final Thoughts

Boku no Hero Academia chapter 246 was a truly ominous one. Behind the scenes, our leader of the newly established Paranormal Liberation Front is about to evolve into a new threat and our heroes are none the wiser. Can our pros and heroes in training gather their strength and be ready in only four months’ time? What do you readers think? Comment below with some thoughts and what you’re loving about this series so far! Be sure to keep stuck to our hive for even more Boku no Hero Academia chapter reviews done by us busy bees here at Honey’s Anime!

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