Bright Memory: Infinite - An Explosion of Feelings!?

bright_memory_infinite_splash Bright Memory: Infinite - An Explosion of Feelings!?

Bright Memory: Infinite has been on our radars for quite a bit here at Honey’s Anime. With an impressive trailer and some truly innovative ideas for the usual FPS format, it seemed to be the remedy for how FPS games could be in the future. Finally getting our hands on this ambitious FPS title developed by FYQD Studios, Bright Memory: Infinite feels like a firecracker: brilliant and colorful at first but does fade away until another one is lit. Here are our thoughts on Bright Memory: Infinite!

Lightning Fast FPS Gameplay

bright_memory_infinite_splash Bright Memory: Infinite - An Explosion of Feelings!?

It isn't uncommon to have FPS titles be all about quick reflexes and even faster movements. Games like Doom or Apex Legends require you to be ready in a flash unless they want to meet their demise. Bright Memory: Infinite copies that theme by being a fast-paced FPS title with a lot of ways to kill your enemy and survive their numbers.

The main character Shelia is a special agent that has an arsenal of weapons and abilities at her disposal. Shelia can use various "powers" to grab enemies and launch them into the air, and she can further obliterate them with her sharp sword or unleash a barrage of bullets. Players gain a lot of freedom on how to defeat enemies in Bright Memory: Infinite, and that is where this FPS title shines brightest.

Occasionally a Broken Memory

As of right now—before any major updates—Bright Memory: Infinite is a bit of a mess in terms of playability. When this game works, it works fluidly, but we have already encountered several game-breaking bugs that really dampen the experience. Several times we had to restart entire levels just to reach an area that would become unreachable, and we had a few glitches that ruined the immersion pretty badly. Again, these issues could definitely be ironed out at some point, but as of right now, Bright Memory: Infinite is plagued with bugs that can ruin the experience.

A Visual Firecracker…Literally

FYQD Studios should be commended for how beautiful Bright Memory: Infinite looks. The backdrops and environmental details are gorgeous, and we've rarely seen such beauty from any indie developer. When you slide into a hail of gunfire and swing your sword to deflect bullets, Bright Memory: Infinite just becomes a movie-like experience. If we had any complaints, it would be in the character models.

Bright Memory: Infinite's character models are a bit dated. While they can look sharp sometimes—Shelia is a pretty butt-kicking protagonist—they can also look like they came from an older generation. We chalk this up to the fact that FYQD had to spend some time developing this sequel—Bright Memory: Infinite is, in fact, a sequel—so that could explain it. But, as with any good firecracker, Bright Memory: Infinite blows you away at times and only let's down for a few moments here and there.

Silly but Fun Story

bright_memory_infinite_splash Bright Memory: Infinite - An Explosion of Feelings!?

One of the last concepts that really stands out in Bright Memory: Infinite is the B-movie plot which is pretty fun. Despite being utterly ridiculous, following a special blade-wielding lady isn't unseen in many video games and ironically makes Bright Memory: Infinite more entertaining. The cringe-filled one-liners and almost absurd responses from both Sheila and her team are eye-rolling but laughable, in a good way. If you love spy films, then Bright Memory: Infinite's plot will be quite exciting and fun to take in.

Final Thoughts

Bright Memory: Infinite is far from perfect and has some severe issues that need to be patched. The list of glitches and bugs is hefty, but we didn't dislike the game despite its flaws. In a world of triple-A titles, Bright Memory: Infinite has the potential to be a solid contender, and that's pretty surprising from a small team developer. All in all, Bright Memory: Infinite is better than the original in many ways, but still needs to be fine-tuned to be recommended to everyone.

bright_memory_infinite_splash Bright Memory: Infinite - An Explosion of Feelings!?


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