Bubuki Buranki 2nd Season OP & ED Revealed!

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Bubuki Buranki 2nd Season Key Visual 2
Bubuki Buranki 2nd Season Key Visual 2

Bubuki Buranki 2nd Season

Action, Sci-fi, Post-apocalyptic

Airing Date:
October 1 2016

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Honey’s Highlights

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The first season of Bubuki Buranki was back in Winter 2016, now season 2's release date is Fall 2016! So much happened at the end of last season, looks like this will be action-packed, too!
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We had a lot of unanswered questions, too, especially with Reoko and her relationship with Migiwa! Also regarding what exactly Bubuki and Buranki are...
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If you haven't seen the first season, this is about kids fighting giant unknown enemies with unique weapons and facing governmental issues, kind of like Akame ga Kill.

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Or Attack on Titan! With its 3DCG art and futuristic post-acopalyptic feel, it's also been compared to Knights of Sidonia.

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(This is the 2nd Season of Bubuki Buranki)

Let's talk about Bubuki Bunraki. It has witches, blood pacts, un-experienced children with veteran adults, a country ruled by fear, and a treasure island. When painting the story of this tale, it's rare to see one that is unabashedly direct with such a straight forward ferociousness. The children must change the world. It's almost as if they are going to overthrow the world. Can they even do that?

Heart. Right Hand. Left Hand. Right leg. Left leg. These five parts of a family that are
all 'bubuki' have been succeeded and give birth to a unique power. Are they looking to bring about peace or are they looking to bring ruin and destruction? We still do not know. If you were to search for an answer, Action, Romance, Disappointment, Jubilation, and a struggle to live would be sparked. Can they keep going forward? Even then, what will be there when they reach that point?

Through the hand of fate from 24 years ago, these boys and girls give birth to a rebellion. Everyone, every adult, every country, and even every past and future has a purpose. If everyone took the road that they believed to be true, then who is to say what the correct form of justice is? This story is about those who push forward regardless and ask 'What is correct?' and 'Does that make it correct?'

Adults are the ones always saying that it's 'reckless,' 'foolish,' that 'you don't understand.' However, this world is clearly mistaken and there is no reason not to do something. That's why these children have decided to show their devotion via this power. It's too late for fights because they have already started. Soon everyone is sucked into their battles. There is a pressing will to gamble everything at the change of losing it all. However…the third time is the charm. What can they accomplish though? What can the bubuki buranki do? And what are you sitting there going to do about it?

Characters & Voice Actors List

Azuma Kazuki

Voice Actor: Yusuke Kobayashi

Instead of being swept up in what others think, Azuma takes him time and thinks for himself. He has traveled the world with his father for the last ten years but for some reason, he has returned to Japan. He has a fear of heights so he dreads high places.

Kogane Asabuki

Voice Actor: Ari Ozawa

Kogane is a childhood friend of Kazuki. Naive and warm, everyone comes to like her. She calls her bubuki migite-chan, and she loves it like it is family. She has also succeeded the bubuki Raijoudou from her father Genba.

Hiiragi Nono

Voice Actor: Souma Saitou

Hiiragi puts on a front of being cool, but he is actually very passionate about winning. His actions betray what he actually is thinking and feeling but, he sees Kazuki as his rival and wants to take leadership from him. His bubuki is called Iwatooshi which he also succeeded from his father Yuki.

Kinoa Ougi

Voice Actor: Shizuka Ishigami

She's a tough girl at a school for ladies. She speaks crudely and is quick to get into fights. She is skilled at cooking and she is also very adept at Kendo. Kinoa can always be found with Shizuru. She has succeeded two bubuki from her mother Tomoe. They are Hoemaru, and Himekiri.

Shizuru Taneomi

Voice Actor: Mikako Komatsu

Shizuru says many strange things. She can't think past the next five seconds of whatever she is doing. She's spontaneous and her hand drawings are those of a genius. She is always eating what she refers to her favorite vegetable, grass. She has succeeded the bubuki Tsurarai from her mother Momoka.

Other TitleBBK/BRNK 2nd Season, Bubuki Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Reirou Taru Junketsu wa 'Kouen' no Kairai wo Hayarase, Gyouten ni Kirameku Akashi wo Kizamu by Reoko Banryuu (Megumi Han)
  • Ending Song: So Beautiful ;- ) by Shizuru Taneomi (Kokako Komatsu)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Quadrangle
  • Director: Daizen Komatsuda
  • Script: Jirou Ishii, Yukinori Kitajima, Daizen Komatsuda
  • Series Composition: Jirou Ishii, Yukinori Kitajima, Daizen Komatsuda
  • Character Design: Yusuke Kozaki
  • Animation Director: Masanori Uetaka, Shinpei Ishikawa, Atsushi Mimura, Motoki Nakamura
  • Sound Director: Kawajin Aketa
  • Music: Masaru Yokoyama

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