Can Tier Harribel of Bleach Stop Super Typhoon?

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A tropical cyclone happens almost anywhere in the world. It is caused by a low pressure area that occurs in the oceans, the wind speed needs to be stronger than 74 MPH before it will be considered as a a typhoon, cyclone or a hurricane. Most people are quite confused as to what are the difference or similarities of these three, well it starts of with the geographical map: in North America they call it hurricanes, in the western Pacific and Asia it is referred to as a typhoon, lastly in the southern hemisphere and the Indian Ocean they call it a cyclone.

The winds circulates either clockwise that will lead the typhoon to the southern hemisphere or counterclockwise in the direction of the northern hemisphere. What makes these devastating storms deadly are the wind speeds that gets stronger by the minute as well as the rainfall that it may bring that could cause flash floods and land slides.

pic1-150x99 Can Tier Harribel of Bleach Stop Super Typhoon?
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There are seven official forecasting agencies around the world, so if you have questioned as to how all these storms have its own corresponding names, they are in charge of it. But since we are focusing on “typhoons” the Japanese Meteorological Agency are the ones responsible for all the tropical systems that form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, which may affect and head towards some countries in Asia. It is important that these typhoons are named for people to understand and remember what it may cause thus may reduce disaster risks through awareness and preparedness.

Overall whether it is a hurricane, typhoon or a cyclone it is all the same and has its own different potential to remind every one what Mother Nature is capable of. The only thing that we can do about it is to prepare for the inevitable ahead of time.

pic1-150x99 Can Tier Harribel of Bleach Stop Super Typhoon?
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On the lighter note, water is one of man’s basic needs for their everyday survival, as well as food and shelter. Water is essential for hydrating and for sanitation, an average of 2.2 liters for women and 3 liters for men is advised to maximize the health benefits of water. Although the irony to that is as much as people are in deep need of water for drinking and for other personal use, 783 million do not have access to clean water and around 3.4 million people die each year from a short supply of water or from drinking unsanitary water. Aren’t we all in need of a savior right now?

pic1-150x99 Can Tier Harribel of Bleach Stop Super Typhoon?

A Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo called Bleach (ブリーチ) One of its main characters is Tier Harribel (ティア・ハリベル) who is a master swordsman. Tier’s appearance falls in one of the Japanese fashion trend referred to as Ganguro Girl, someone with very tanned skin with short-blonde-messy hair and colored contact lenses. She wears a mask that covers the lower half of her face and body-hugging clothes that often shows her lower torso as well as a little peak of her breast.

pic1-150x99 Can Tier Harribel of Bleach Stop Super Typhoon?
Source: Wikia

If she feels the need to defend herself from someone provoking her to fight, one of her special abilities is that she can attack by manipulating water. She has several moves that involves forming water such as:

  • Trident –Water and Sword combination
  • Hirvendo – Boiling water attack
  • La Gota – Water Drop
  • Cascada – Waterfall attack
  • Resureccion – A command to “destroy”
pic1-150x99 Can Tier Harribel of Bleach Stop Super Typhoon?
Source: Wikia

Despite her many abilities and amazing skills, she’s not one to pick on fights. Tier is calm and rational; she is not in favor of fighting, hurting or killing people. With a great sympathy for the living, she is someone that anyone in the world can look up to. Someone who has the means but does not use it for evil, she can be a hero both for the good and bad.

If there were someone like Tier Harribel in real life, she would never let anyone suffer or get hurt. If she sees something that could endanger a lot of people, like a typhoon, she would find her way to destroy or lessen the typhoon’s strength so people do not have to be afraid with their lives. If there are people living with no clean water, she will serve and bring them with such. If she were to be true, she would be envied by people and admired by millions.

by Adelane-Marie M. Banico