Celebrate Black History Month With Us By Following Inmate 1141 On Her Journey Toward Redemption

Gisei-Manga-Cover Celebrate Black History Month With Us By Following Inmate 1141 On Her Journey Toward Redemption

What You Need to Know:

  • Black History Month is an inspiring and storied time of reflection, appreciation, and education. Commemorate this momentous occasion by contributing to a rewarding story of redemption published by a black-owned and woman-owned company.
  • Stripped of her name and identity, inmate number 1141 was sent to endure a life sentence at the brutal Asbara prison for committing a heinous crime against her adoptive clan. Recruited by the Warden to join the Ravens, an elite group of prisoners crafted into deadly assassins, she grows up to become one of the most notorious and vicious executors ever known.
  • Embarking on this self-discovery journey, inmate 1141 will have the chance to unlock both insight and redemption. An exciting adventure awaits as 1141 begins her pursuit of purpose and truth!
  • Gisei: Volume 1's Storyline Is Complete

  • We want to make sure we deliver the best quality storytelling experience, so that’s why we need your help in meeting our stretch goals. Your support will be instrumental as we embark on this exciting opportunity. - Kona Chise, Creator of the GISEI series
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  • What Are Gisei: Volume 1's Current Stretch Goals?

    Feeling part of something always brings a special kind of exhilaration. You are invited to join us in history as we strive towards our ambitious stretch goals for our amazing Kickstarter campaign. We have grand plans for our goals and aspirations, but to make it all a reality, we need to get creative and aim high. That’s why we established our current stretch goals:

    $6,000 - Bonus Digital Wallpaper
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    $8,000 - Bookmarks
    $9,000 - Limited Edition Magnets
    $10,000 - 5 Colored Pages

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    About UE Comix

    Tamyka Brown, CEO of UE COMIX

    UE COMIX is a black-owned, woman-owned publishing company on a mission to change the publishing industry for creators! We believe that everyone has a story to tell and deserves to be heard. That’s why we’re committed to creating a more inclusive publishing standard. Learn more about our mission and our vision here: https://uecomix.net/about/ "Stories are breadcrumbs laid out that lead us closer towards abundant inclusion where no one gets left behind. Our narrative should reflect those we seek to lift up and amplify. We have progress to make, and stories that need telling. It's time for us to raise our voices and be heard."

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