Celebrating 3 Decades of Greatness With Super Robot Wars 30!

super_robot_wars_30_splash Celebrating 3 Decades of Greatness With Super Robot Wars 30!

Time certainly flies, especially when one looks at the greatest mecha RPG franchise out there in the form of Super Robot Wars. With a multitude of games, merchandise, and anime, the Super Robot Wars series has gained the respect of most gamers despite only a handful of titles releasing in the west due to licensing issues. Regardless, this series has endured the test of time—can you name many franchises over 30 years old?—and has now delivered us our newest game in the form of Super Robot Wars 30. Despite the large number, Super Robot Wars 30 isn't legit the 30th title but acts as a celebratory name for the anniversary of the franchise. Here at Honey's Anime, we got our hands on this long-awaited title and can't wait to tell you why this could be the best of the franchise! Here's our look at Super Robot Wars 30!

Mechs New, Old, and in Between

super_robot_wars_30_splash Celebrating 3 Decades of Greatness With Super Robot Wars 30!

The Super Robot Wars games have never shied away from having a ton of different mechs from various series, and Super Robot Wars 30 doesn't fail in keeping that tradition. There are literally dozens of anime mechs from series like Magic Knight Rayearth to SSSS.Gridman! Even some of the fan favorites, like Code Geass and Mazinger, make a re-appearance, and that will definitely please fans.

The newest machine, the Huckebein 30, is both one of the coolest original mechs of Super Robot Wars and the silliest as the visor literally is three large Xs to represent the number 30 in roman numerals. Yet, it's incredible how much Super Robot Wars 30 puts into the details of these machines. Not only do they have their theme music play for each mech, but they all attack with their signature moves from their respected franchises! Robot fans out there, Super Robot Wars 30 is the first international release of the franchise. We highly recommend you pick this up as soon as you can!

More Paths and Missions to Choose From

Having played nearly every Super Robot Wars title—that's how much we love this franchise—we can honestly say Super Robot Wars 30 is jam-packed with content! Instead of a linear story, players can now choose how their journey begins—from two different starting points—which also changes their starting mech allies and a bit of the story! This will warrant playing through a few times just for those changes in location and dialogue! Plus, you can once again choose your gender for the starting pilot, and that allows for numerous story changes as well to occur.

Some Nice New Coats of Paint

Super Robot Wars has never been an ugly game—even the original titles look pretty sharp for how old some of them are—but Super Robot Wars 30 is easily the nicest looking of them all. Attacks have a greater vibrancy and look more authentic to the original source material. We did notice some slowdowns here and there, but it was never intrusive. Rarely did Super Robot Wars 30 slowdown even when some of the more grandiose attacks popped up.


super_robot_wars_30_splash Celebrating 3 Decades of Greatness With Super Robot Wars 30!

If you're someone who did play Super Robot Wars in the past, like Super Robot Wars V or T, then you know the DLC was often locked. While almost all of the Super Robot Wars games are in English thanks to being translated in English via the Chinese releases, the DLC was often a pain to get unless you actually lived in China or Japan. That finally changes as Super Robot Wars 30 is now on Steam meaning you can download the various missions and DLC content—for a price—without going through the hassle of masking your address or making a foreign account! This might seem minor, but DLC adds to Super Robot Wars and always is welcome for bonus missions to test your piloting skills!

Final Thoughts

Super Robot Wars 30 is finally in the West, and it gives players new to the franchise their first official entry in what we hope isn’t the last of the series. We think most mecha fans will no doubt show the world that we need future Super Robot Wars games, and we pray our article helps convince you to buy Super Robot Wars 30!

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super_robot_wars_30_splash Celebrating 3 Decades of Greatness With Super Robot Wars 30!


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