Chaos;Child - Winter 2017

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ChaosChild-DVD-Image-300x433 Chaos;Child - Winter 2017

ChaosChild-DVD-Image-300x433 Chaos;Child - Winter 2017


Sci-Fi, Horror, Harem

Airing Date:
January 11, 2017

Silver Link.

Honey’s Highlights

ChaosChild-DVD-Image-300x433 Chaos;Child - Winter 2017
Woo, a new harem! And we've finally got a release date... Come to me, winter 2017!
ChaosChild-DVD-Image-300x433 Chaos;Child - Winter 2017
There's so much more to this anime than just the harem, Bee-kun! It's an adaptation of a game from the creators of Steins;Gate, and it's set six years after Chaos;Head!
ChaosChild-DVD-Image-300x433 Chaos;Child - Winter 2017
This looks daaark. With all the horror elements and deaths, this is giving off a real Mirai Nikki vibe.
ChaosChild-DVD-Image-300x433 Chaos;Child - Winter 2017
I-I don't think I can watch this! But Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is playing the main character... But it looks so scary!

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The sequel to Chaos;Head.

The date is October 2015, six years after the disaster known as the Shibuya Earthquake. A series of strange incidents are happening in the still-recovering city. Someone is streaming mysterious deaths to a live audience online. Someone dies in the middle of singing in a street performance. A corpse swings from the ceiling of a love hotel. People start to notice.

The day these incidents started was the anniversary of the events that shook Shibuya six years ago. That’s right, it’s the return of a new generation of insanity, they say. However, just one thing is different - a mysterious tag left at the scene of the crime. No one knows just yet that this will become the key to solving the case.

Protagonist Takuru Miyashiro and the other members of the school Newspaper Club follow the bizarre series of murders. Despite the gruesome nature of the events, they have quite the catchy nickname online...

Three Episode Impression

Well, here it comes: Chaos;Child. As a sequel to Chaos;Head, Chaos;Child brings back the same characters that we all know and kind of love, the gory deaths, and all the mystery as if nothing happened. Except, it is quite evident that something did. The first half of the first episode retold the events of Chaos;Head and then went on to tell explain the events that lead up to the current time period in Chaos;Child. Much like the other anime in alternate worlds like Steins;Gate and Occultic;Nine, Chaos;Child has a lot of mystery without much explanation. It follows the same style as its predecessor, Chaos;Head, with mysterious deaths although our main characters seem to be seeking them out. However, there is a single link that comes as a sumo sticker. Chaos;Child is eerie and undeniably gruesome, especially concerning the murders, but had you watched its prequel, you would not be surprised. But just how creepy are those sumo stickers? If you’re curious about continuing on the series and if you like the other anime set in a similar world, well, Chaos;Child might just be for you.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Takuru Miyashiro

Voice Actor: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

The protagonist of the story, a third-year high school student and the president of the Newspaper Club. After losing his parents in the Great Shibuya Earthquake six years ago, he’s been sleeping in a camper van in Miyashita Park, which has become a place of refuge. A kind of painful-to-watch character who claims that he’s living a fulfilling life and is the holder of powerful information.

Nono Kurusu

Voice Actor: Sarah Emi Bridcutt

School council president and vice-president of the Newspaper Club. Like Takuru, she also lost her parents in the earthquake and stayed in the same child protection facility as him. Accomplished in both the literary and military arts with great leadership skills, she is loved by her classmates regardless of gender.

Serika Onoe

Voice Actor: Sumire Uesaka

One of the heroines. A second-year high school student and member of the Newspaper Club. Takuru’s childhood friend, she calls him ‘Taku.’

Hinae Arimura

Voice Actor: Suzuko Mimori

One of the heroines. A second-year high school student and president of the Literature Club. Stylish and quick to catch on to the latest trends.

Mio Kunosato

Voice Actor: Asami Sanda

One of the heroines. A third-year student at the same school as Takuru. She’s only just transferred there but for the most part doesn’t show up. A tall girl who’s always wearing a lab coat.

Uki Yamazoe

Voice Actor: Inori Minase

One of the heroines. A mature girl despite looking young for her 14 years of age. Bad with mobile phones, computers, and other technology.

Other TitleChäoS;Child
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Uncontrollable by Kanako Itou
  • Ending Song: Chaos Syndrome by Konomi Suzuki
Visual Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Nitro+, 5pb.
  • Director: Masato Jinbo
  • Art Director: Hiroki Kuribayashi, Yuuki Hatakeyama
  • Editing: Kentarou Tsubone
  • Series Composition: Masato Jinbo
  • Character Design: Kazuyuki Yamayoshi
  • Animation Director: Kazuyuki Yamayoshi
  • Sound Director: Masanori Tsuchiya
  • Original Illustrator: Sasaki Mutsumi, Yukihiro Matsuo
  • Music: onoken, Takeshi Abe

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