Cheating Craft - Anime Fall 2016

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Cheating Craft

Action, School

Airing Date:
October 5 2016


Honey’s Highlights

bee-prev Cheating Craft - Anime Fall 2016
Action? School? Is this the new Gakusen Toshi Asterisk or Hundred? Gimme more!
bee-prev Cheating Craft - Anime Fall 2016
Nah, the story is deeper than some dude who needs to be next to a bunch of almost naked women and a thin plot. This is made by Haoliners. You know, they made Hitori no Shita: The Outcast for Summer 2016. This show feels a bit more maybe like where students actually compete for grades. Or something like working in pairs, like Luck and Logic.
bee-prev Cheating Craft - Anime Fall 2016
Ahhhhhhh. So wait... it says here that this is a short, 10-minute per episode anime and oh... it's another Chinese anime. We are getting more and more of these by the season! Not bad, but don't we already have more coming this fall?
bee-prev Cheating Craft - Anime Fall 2016
You bet your sweet bippy we do! Bloodivores is coming which is some vampire action anime and then we are also looking at Soul Buster which is some historical fanatsy anime so.... at least we are getting a variety!

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Set in a world where your education determines your worth as a human being, passing your exams will determine your future successes. From a very young age, exams separate those who can succeed and those who cannot. Only those who pass are guaranteed a happy future, while those who fail are looking at nothing but a harsh life. However, no one in this world says “oh it’s just because I cannot study”, nor does anyone glorify the unhappy life path. In order to make get good grades, people have tried just about everything under the sun. Cheaters too have tried to get the best grades by causing disturbances during the exam. At some point along the line, simply studying and subsequently passing the exam disappeared as the only method and the testing ground has now converted into a battleground.

Those who take their studies seriously are called “Learning-type” while those who cheat are called “Cheating-type”. While brushing aside the disturbances from the respective Learning-types and Cheating-types, both team up in pairs to aim for the highest scores. In order to prevent the Learning-types from attaining the highest scores, the Cheating-types launch full-out attacks in a hot battle. Mix in the exam proctors who will not forgive any sort of cheating and the testing ground becomes even more chaotic! Mumei, a Cheating-type student and Koui, a Learning-type student go head to head in an extremely gaudy manner in this intense battle story about breaking through this exam.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Mumei Shokatsu

Voice Actor: Tomohiro Yamaguchi

Mumei was raised to be able to use the Shokatsu Senjutsu. In order to liberate his unjustly imprisoned father, he is challenging the exam for the high quality state bachelor’s degree.

Koui Ou

Voice Actor: Rie Kugimiya

Koui is Mumei’s female cousin. As Mumei’s Learning-type partner, she too enters Rinsen Academy. She makes the best of her intellect and along with Mumei challenges the exam with him.

Rinu Shuu

Voice Actor: Daisuke Namikawa

Rinu is Mumei’s classmate and rival. He is searching for a strong partner to work with to pass the exam. Rinu currently works in a café as a part time job.

Haku Ryuu

Voice Actor: Reina Ueda

Haku is a beautiful girl who sits at the very front of the classroom. As an exemplary student, she abhors the Cheating-types who cheat on exams. She longs to be just like Mumei who has been getting perfect scores since he entered the academy.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Kasoku Suru Trial by Kamen Joshi
  • Ending Song: Welcome future by Aina Kusuda
Chinese Light Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Gemini Xin Luo
  • Director: Keitarou Motonaga
  • Editing: Yoshiaki Kimura
  • Series Composition: Takamitsu Kouno
  • Character Design: Mai Mitsuura
  • Animation Director: Mai Matsuura, Kie Tanaka, Ryousuke Tanikawa
  • Sound Director: Yasunori Ebina
  • Music: Gou Sakabe

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