Check out Still Cuts & The Story Preview for Enmusubi no Youko-chan (Fox Spirit Matchmaker) Ep #16: Gessho Touhou’s Decision!

What You Need to Know:

  • The story for episode 16 of Fox Spirit Matchmaker, as well as screenshots for it are ready! Check them out below!
  • Epsiode 16: Gessho Touhou’s Decision
  • After deceiving the monks into thinking that Gessho Touhou had died, Koko Tosan takes in the boy as thanks for saving her life. Time then begins to pass as Tohou Gesshou spends his time living with the Tosan family. Then, ten years later, for the sake of his dream with Koko, Gessho leaves the Tosan family……

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honeys anime character
Awww that is so sweet that she took him in!

honeys anime character
I wouldn't mind living together with Koko if you catch my drift ehehehe